Jayadeva Ashtapadi – Geetha Govindam (). B. Krishnamurthy, R. Vedavalli. Lyricist: Jayadeva; Religion: Hindu. Play. Ghantasala jayadeva ashtapadi Music Playlist on Listen to Ghantasala jayadeva ashtapadi and download Ghantasala jayadeva ashtapadi songs. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Jayadeva Ashtapadi, Vol. 1 – B. Krishnamoorthy on AllMusic –

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Although the original tunes of the ashtapadis were lost in history, they remain popular and are widely sung in a variety of tunes, and used in classical dance performances, ashgapadi India. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The original tunes of the ashtapadis are unknown and likely lost in history. The names given by Jayadeva to each of ashtapaxi sargas are also unique and meaningful. Sudhama is to be born as Shankachuda, would be killed by Shiva and would return to Goloka.

Ashtapadi – Wikipedia

Dhrishta Vaikuntan or Dhanya Vaikunthan: Jayadeva, on the same basis, composed 24 Ashtapadis. This work has been composed in twelve sargas, bearing the Dvadashakshari mantra twelve-syllable mantra of Krishna. He gave the world deep, precious philosophical thoughts, through the eighteen puranas.


Useful Info e-Seva Portal Subscribe: Poet Jayadeva’s magnum opus “Gita Govinda’ is one of the most ashtaoadi compositions in Sanskrit language, describing the divine love of Radha and Krishna.

He who punished Madhu, the asura who was enslaved by Moha. However, Sudhama, who is still angry with Radha, bars her entry into the place. Vedavyasa was one such bhakta. They bestow grace upon devotees. Click here to access the original article in Tamil.

He who, pleased by the devotion of his devotees, bestows upon them the Pitambara the yellow garment worn by Him. On receiving this message, Radha sets out to meet Krishna.

Ashtapadis or Ashtapadi refers to the Sanskrit hymns of the Geetha Govindacomposed by Jayadeva in the 12th Century. On a similar scale, Sri Thyagaraja Swamigal composed 24, keerthanas. This bliss is purely experiential. Radha, who could not bear to be separated from Krishna, sends her apologies to Krishna through a friend.

Jayadeva Ashtapadi, Vol. 1 – B. Krishnamoorthy | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

He who awaits the arrival of his devotees with eyes wide open. The Supreme Being, the Paramatma, is of the form of music. The art of dance is a mingling of music with the ambient air.


This article about the music of India is a stub. Jayadevw were to live on earth for a while and then return to Goloka.

Carnatic music Jayadeva Indian music stubs. Excellent lyricism, exquisite vocabulary, alliteration and description of divine love have unique place in literature.

He who protected Brahma and Shiva.

These meaningful names explain the import of the Ashtapadi clearly. I have my own limits to venture translating fully the descriptions of sports of love.

Ghantasala jayadeva ashtapadi

It is such a devotee who is a parama-ekanti the highest among the enlighteneda jeevan mukta the liberated. He who reveals the bliss of Vaikuntha to ashhtapadi one.

The jiva is separated from the Paramatman and suffers several sorrows such as birth, death, old age, hunger and disease. The literal meaning of ashtapathi is ‘eight-steps’, refers to the fact that each hymn is made of eight couplets eight sets of two lines.