jai Shiv Shankar jai gangAdhar karunAkar karthAr harE Jai kailAshee Jai avinAshee dukh hArthee SukhkAr harE (jai Shiv) Glories to lord siva who is known. Lyrics to ‘Stuti – Jai Shiv Shankar, Jai Gangadhar’ by Sajan Mishra. Jai Shiv Shankar Song Lyrics Jai Shiv Shankar Jai Gangadhar Jai Shiv Shankar Jai Gangadhar Karunakar kartar hare Karunakar kartar hare.

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Bhajans fro films Vol 1 Golden collection: Sadavasantam hridayaravinde bhawam bhawami sanhitam namami. Shiv Naam Simar Payare lovely bhajan Views: Shiv Bhola Bhandari Master Saleem. Shankar Mera Pyara Exclusive. In aankhon mein soorat hai teri Views: The wives of the Gods dance there, their hearts filled with joy.

Mast Malang Shiv – Master Saleem.

Shankar ji is so innocent when he saw him burning in penance he expressed himself in front of him and said I am happy with your penance what do you want from me? Shiva Bhajan – 2 Views: We bow down to you the Lord. Shiv Bhajan By Anuradha Paudwal.


You adorn Yourself with a garland of skulls and wear a serpent as the sacred thread. Shiv Ji Bhajan Views: Bhole Shankar Ji by Vaneeth Nand.

One who daily recites this song and one ji hears it with devotion attains oneness with Shiva. Shiva bhajan2 – Gulshan Kumar. Sheesh Gang ardhang Paarvati sada virajat kailasi. Shiva Shiva Powerful Chanting.

Shiva Mahadeva Bholenath Views: Bum Bum Laheri Views: Bhajans by Pandit Jasraj ji. Bolo Bam Bam Exlclusive Views: O Bhagton Chalo Manimahesh Bhajans by Pandit Jasraj Aaj to jak Listen to aaj to anand Lyrics – aaj to anand puran brahma sakal ghat vyapak so aa You have five heads, three eyes, and the moon on Your crest. Ashutosh Sasanka Sekhar – Sonu Nigam.

jai shiva shankara jai gangadhar

Shiva Bhajan Goonje Sada Jaikar. Shree shiv mahimn stotram – Anuradha paudwal.

And just after getting the boon that demon started staring at shiv gajgadhar himself and then there was a panic in all the three lokas. Dam Dam Dam Dam damru bajaye. Awesome Bhajan by Jagjit Singh Views: Finally lord vishnu drew a solution and made the demon to die of his own earned boon. Atmastakam – Shivoham Views: Best Lord Shiva Ganggadhar Views: Master Saleem – Bum Bhole Views: I think the lyrics of the songs must clear the meanings of these bhajans.


Tere Naam Di Masti. Shiva shiva shiva shambho mahadeva Must See Views: Bhole Nath By Master Saleem.

We can see in his creations that how he always urged for the devotion of his lord from Shiv ji because according to him “. Thursday, April 26, Beautiful devotional songs of lord Shiva. Master Saleem – Bhole Bhandari.

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Shiva Nataraj Stuti Views: Shree shiv mahimn stotram – Anuradha paudwal Views: Rudra Mantra – Hindi Devotional Songs. Badrinath Dhaam Shiv Bhajan Views: Share kadunakar Twitter Share to Facebook. Few of them are from tulasidas ji who was a great devotee of lord Ram.