The most serious Maya revolt in colonial Yucatec history happened at a town called Cisteíl. Its leader was Jacinto Uc. We know him as Canek. Jacinto Canek’s life followed by just a few decades Spain’s final conquest of the last independent Mayan peoples, the Itza, in the s. Palacio del Gobernador (Governor’s Palace), Merida Picture: The Execution of Jacinto Canek – Check out TripAdvisor members’ candid photos and.

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By using this website or by closing this dialog you agree with the conditions described here. These were names bearing power. The Maya population was forced to work as slave labor for the conquering Spanish, while all traces of their cultural world, particularly temples and writings, were systematically destroyed by the Spanish.

Fra Dolcino, Apostle About this same time, a Spanish merchant on his routine business rolled into town, blithely unaware of the gathering rebellion. The historic site may have been nearby, possibly a few miles farther west, closer to present Timul.

Canek and about three hundred other survivors escaped into the forest.

Jacinto Canek – Wikipedia

Henry Wilson, shy subject. A week after the uprising, the Spaniards organized a large detachment composed of 2, soldiers. His only mistake was letting escape a friar, Miguel Ruela, who was the one who warned the Spanish authorities of what was happening.

Canek ordered the town deputies to kill Pacheco.

This ceremony accomplished its aims of endowing the newly crowned king with both royal and supernatural status among his people, attracting even more followers. The Indians were expecting him.


Louis Riel, Metis leader. Ermilo Abreu was a prolific writer, his works were varied and extended over most of this lifetime, but his best known work is a book called Canek, published in Although the rest of his trapped supporters also receive convictions some are hanged and others are whipped or maimedCanek’s is particularly cruel.

Of Mayan descent, his family worked for the Franciscans. That is why several rebellions had already taken place before the one led by Canek. They were armed with three rifles and some spears. Among them, Latin, theology, history and grammar. In that respect, the ploy is effective. An impressive statue of the man, rising and thrusting a torch forward, stands near its western end. His family … have sent him to the country to get him out of the way.

Every card features a historical execution from England, France, Germany, or Russia! The main accusation facing the indigenous leader is that of rebellion. John Gilman, tetchy landlord Five for an Afghanistan coup In the skirmish that followed, Captain Cosgaya, five of his soldiers and eight Indians were killed. This time the Maya were well organized and determined to drive the Spanish and Mestizostheir mixed-blood descendants, into the sea.

Canek, a commoner perhaps an orphan with some education, mounted in November a surprise revolt at the village of Cisteil or Quisteil.

File:Jacinto Canek.jpg

Canek himself escaped with a small guard, fleeing to Huntulchac. He also told them that he had several sorcerers at his service and that the victory was prophesied in the Chilam Balam. Just beneath the calm and tranquilo -seeming exterior of the Yucatan lies a tumultuous past. We know him as Canek. Canek told his followers that the ultimate victory of the Mayas was already written in Chilam Balam manuscripts.


The year Donald Trump declared total war on immigrants Donald Trump is doing exactly what. The great rebellion that began inknown as the Caste War, celebrated Jacinto Canek as a martyr, and his name was a slogan for revolution.

At least one critic has claimed that Guy is really Ermilo Abreu himself. Canek threatened to kill the priest, and the priest complained to the authorities. The priest, however, was not killed.

Canek, Jacinto (c. –) |

cwnek Why would Jacinto have chosen to walk so far — Maya were forbidden to ride horses — to this obscure and remote village? The outcome of the trial was never in doubt.

There is division among historians, but some claim that since he began to prepare a rebellion. Many streets, schools, and parks bear his name throughout the peninsula and all of Mexico. Wild rumors swept the buena gente.

On the following days sentences of lashes and mutilation loss of an ear were carried out against other participants. Canek found the interloper insolent, and had him killed.

This, named Tiburcio Cosgaya, soon prepared a detachment to go to Cisteil. Home Humanities Encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps Canek, Jacinto nacinto. The intentona was discovered, reason why it decided to advance jacingo attempt. James Gilmore, the first hanged in Deadwood Thousands of Indians joined his movement, which combined traditional Maya and Christian elements and sought both cultural and political autonomy.