The Jabidah massacre was fabricated by the late Senator Benigno Aquino to destabilize the administration of then President Ferdinand Marcos. For a change, this year I don’t want to look back on the Jabidah Massacre with morbidity, armed with an angry fist raised to the sky. I want to. It’s the 45th anniversary of what’s known as the “Jabidah massacre”, a previously under-acknowledged yet pivotal point in modern Philippine.

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InPresident Diosdado Macapagal renewed the Philippines’ claim over Sabah although the territory has been incorporated into Malaysia. All of them, however, were cleared in Diosdado Macapagal9th President of the Philippines Successor: Refugees of the Philippines Proclamation No.

We were dealing with the onset of drug menace in the country.

massacre There was a firestorm in the Philippine press, attacking not so much the soldiers involved, but the culpability of a government administration that would ferment such a plot, and then seek to cover it up by wholesale murder.

Philippines and SabahMalaysia. Looking back, massacge say that if not for the bungled training, the killings would not have ensued and Oplan Merdeka would have pushed through. These stories made other people Check them out!

Jabidah and Merdeka: The inside story

The officers were aware of the agitation among the recruits. The alleged contract between de Overbeck and the Sultan of Sulu used, they argued, the word padjaka Malay term that could mean either ” lease ” or ” purchase. The plan jbidah for trained commandos to infiltrate Sabah and destabilise the state by sabotage which would then jwbidah the Philippines’ military intervention in the territory and claiming the state which many Filipinos felt was rightfully theirs.


Transnational Challenges to States and Regional Stability. Historical Dictionary of the Philippines. Camp Sophia, named after Martelino’s second wife, a young, naive, and pretty Muslim, was inside a coconut plantation, fenced by barbed wire. They frequently travelled from Cavite to Sabah, where they loaded amssacre of cases of “blue-seal” cigarettes.

Delfin Montano, a Liberal Party stalwart.

The Corregidor Massacre –

Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Many scholars agree that the Jabidah Massacre was one of the most important events in Philippines that ignited the Muslims uprising during Marcos’ regime [27] notwithstanding the truth behind the massacre.

Terrorism and Mxssacre in Southeast Asia: At 2 am, they left camp. Jibin Arula, the most famous of the Jabidah survivors, belonged to this second batch. Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. Batas militar sa Pilipinas. Jabidah Massacre Recalled – Blog, The lone survivor of the massacre, Jibin Arula, was allegedly brought before Montano in Some 60 to 70 trainees, meanwhile, were transferred to Camp Capinpin in Rizal.

Author Cesar Adib Majul said that the state, at that point in massacrs, had suppressed the affair in the interest of national unity [4] which therefore led to little or no documentation on the incident.

Retrieved 20 September The acting foreign Minister added that the problems stemmed from land and political issues which it was ready to solve internally. The Philippines was to train masssacre special commando unit — named Jabidah — that would create havoc in Sabah.


Remembering the ‘Jabidah massacre’

The Filipino agents blended into Sabah’s communities. Retrieved 26 March Marcos dominated the political scene for the next two decades, first as an elected president in andand then after his proclamation of martial law, as a virtual dictator.

Journal Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs. Please try again later.

The order from Army chief Gen Romeo Espino was to clean up the place and clear it of all debris. Select gender Male Female. Tiglao 22 March A number of them had had experience jabidahh smuggling and sailing the kumpit, a wooden boat commonly used in the area.

Enrile claims Jabidah massacre was only ‘invented’ by Ninoy | Inquirer News

Ernesto Sambas, a recruit from Tawi-Tawirecalls seeing many other soldiers on Corregidor, but their batch from Simunul was confined to one area on the island.

The expose on Jabidah, they said, was part of a grand plot by the opposition to discredit the Marcos regime. It was not just an ordinary job. A presidential helicopter swooped down on Corregidor shortly after the killings. Jose Maria Sison Bernabe Buscayno. Archived from the original on 17 June Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. This notably marked the first time that a ruling President had acknowledged the massacre as having taken place.