I on the other hand enjoyed Itzykson & Zuber’s textbook. It was very clear, . Real men learn QFT from the collected works of Julian Schwinger. Itzykson C., Zuber J.B., Quantum field theory. One of my personal This book will teach you that there is another way to do QFT. One that is. C. Itzykson and J.-B. Zuber, Quantum Field Theory, McGraw-Hill, Corresponding chapters in books of Ryder, Peskin & Schroeder and Srednicki.

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This really was horrid.

The lack of quality sources is grounds for removal uzber moderator discretion. This book thought me some very useful techniques that I have been using ever since. The second part comprises functional methods, relativistic bound states, broken symmetries, nonabelian gauge fields, and asymptotic behavior.

The book left me delighted: What are the main conflictive points of usual QFT beyond renormalization of course?

New Quantum Field Theory Textbook | Not Even Wrong

In hindsight it now seems like an excellent book, but again as an introduction, eh. Three of my favourites on QFT are: Reprint of the McGraw-Hill, Inc. D R Lunsford says: Sign up using Facebook. Additionally, they provide exercises partly with solutions.


And there are many of my fellow grad students in particle theory at my institution and others who swear by Srednicki. QFT by Mark Srednicki. I’m taking a look at this book now, and my first impression is that it’s both condensed and clear.

I should admit that I also doubt that Lorentz symmetry is exact, and that the assumption that it is has held physics back. I don’t understand why people like Srednicki’s book. I believe mathematicians will like this book much more than physicists. Long and hard to understand.

I watched these video lectures. For Schwinger action plainly, the Dyson lectures. Images and meme posts Image-only posts should be on-topic and should promote discussion. This is also very clear. As a prerequisite you should qfg heard about quantum mechanics.

New Quantum Field Theory Textbook

If I recall, it starts with a description of field theory from bed springs. As with Coleman, and even more so, the mere name of the author should be a good enough reason to read this series of books. April 14, at 8: Also, all the books by greiner are really good to learn from because they have ALOT of worked examples Zinn-Justin and Le Bellac.


It is rigorous and precise, but it addresses the problems physicists care about i. At first, I read zyber as “use that library card and a shotgun Memes, rage comics, image macros, reaction gifs, or otherwise “zero-content” submissions are not allowed.

Fetter and Walecka makes a good addition as it’s more recent while still employing the same methodology. That is one good list. Over the years I got the sense many field theory books seemed to fit into one of two categories: Debates and discussions on all topics related to physics are zubre. Its fascinating to watch him chain smoke in the classroom, but the board is completely unreadable.

Here they are some of them for particle physics but there is qf overlap: Sensationalised titles The title of your submission qf accurately reflect its contents.