It Does Not Die [Maitreyi Devi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It Does Not Die: A Romance. Maitreyi Devi, Author, Maitraye, Author, Maitreyi Devi, Translator University of Chicago Press $ (p) ISBN Turnabout is fair play. The woman mythologized as an enigmatic Indian maiden by Romanian scholar Mircea Eliade in Bengal Nights (see.

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John Hurt and the other European cast members have pretty much phoned in their performances. Turnabout is fair play. Showing an unbelievable lack of judgement, while he gave himself a pseudonym in his novel, he uses her real name, and injects extra physical passion into the story. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They were also, as it turned out, deeply taken with each other. In my review of Mircea’s book I came away from it thinking he suffered from more than the usual young man’s vanity and lack of self-awareness, and wondering why people seemed to think it was a good romance or that Mircea’s avatar Alain was a sympathetic character.

Induring her own Europe tour, Devi came across several Romanians who recognized her name, and told they have read a book maittreyi about her.

IT DOES NOT DIE by Maitreyi Devi | Kirkus Reviews

I still don’t think very highly of him, though. Authors as Romantic Heroes: It’s remarkable that it had left such strong imprints on the protagonists in real life Mircea Eliade and Maitreyi Devi that they penned it down independently in profuse detail after decades of detachment. Dec 30, Andreea Obreja rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The narrator, also named Mircea, is a ig draftsman….

Contents Book One page. It is used to describe the styles of dance, music, writing, and painting that Tagore eie. Written by Torsa Ghosal. Their modes of reasoning also seem to overlap. Retrieved 15 March Actually, it’s funny that right after she says that she won’t say that much about her life, as ‘Euclid’ is the hero here, there is about half a book about her and his name is not even mentioned.


Aug 08, Kali rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: East and West, man and woman, reality and fantasy meet in the two books providing quite a good material for discussion I cannot say I liked it but I didn’t dislike it either, although it is a tedious, lengthy book and not very well written.

If you want to read this as an insight into Indian culture it’s really interesting and thought-provoking.

It Does Not Die: A Romance

Maitreyi Devi and Mircea Eliade […]. Everything is washed out.

Although the writing style of the book dates it, the rebuttals Devi provides to Eliade’s Orientalist claims about her nature are extremely pointed. Mircea Eliade the “colonizer” published Bengal nights which was an account of his romantic experiences with Maitreyi Devi.

I cannot say I liked it but I didn’t dislike it either, although it is a tedious, lengthy book and not very well vie. Obiceiurile, cultura si pasiunea bengaleza sunt descrise detaliat de catre Maitreyi Devi care ne impartaseste si cateva detalii despre familia sa si despre admiratia pentru poetul Tagore. It Does Not Die is Devi’s response. Maitreyi finds out about the book and her alleged relationship with the Romanian student after many years, when she is a nog, educated woman.

The unfortunate lady does not know for another 20 years that she has been named by a famous man as his under-aged Bengali sex-partner. The rest of the Indian cast is professional and comes across dsvi having mysterious depths, one of the few positives of the film.


May 05, Irene rated it it was amazing Shelves: Also, I like the fact that the Indian terms are explained at the end of the book.

Reading this maitrfyi first will I still have the same devj that Mircea Eliade ‘s book Maitreyi have brought up in me, but in a much smaller amount because Maitreyi’s book brings a lot of understanding of her, the situation in general and a much appreciated understanding of Eliade and his actions, during and after Email required Address never made public.

Thoughtscapes – people, place, policy, potential. Quotes from It Does Not Die. Reading this book first will be, at best, a somewhat interesting experiment; but you will not understand some parts of it and you’ll not enjoy it as much as possible. And in spite of his much advertised feelings for her which in part may have been foeshe refused to see her when she visited him in old age, in search of an explanation. Goodreads helps nof keep track of books you want to read.

The film stars a young English actor destined to be famous both for his performances on stage and screen as well as public performances of a licentious nature on Sunset Boulevard.

It is a pedestrian version of nlt young summer love story that has been done thousands of times and usually far better, from Shakespeare to Trevanian. But she was still unaware of its content. Here a born-poet is at the height of her powers and maturity and yet is still that vulnerable, joyful sixteen-year-old girl.

They were also, as it turned out, deeply cie with each other.