Danut Murariu, Google, Psihologie Department, Faculty Member. Studies Pedagogie Si Psihopedagogie, General Management, and Autism. The Rosie Project: A Novel. Graeme Simsion · The Blazing World: A Uploaded by. Kali Erika · Uploaded by. Siri Hustvedt · The Rosie Project: A Novel. Graeme Simsion George Nicolai · Uploaded by. George Nicolai.

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Behavior Therapies – Operant Conditioning. Validity and Fallacies I. Cohan Jan 10, Nilsen Mar 15, Evolutionary Psychology—Altruism and Mating.

Granger Dec 17, Some Facts about Vitamins and Supplements. Spiers and William Culbertson Apr 23, Neale Jan 24, Anger-Cooling the Fires of Irritation.

Schunk Jan 15, Childhood, Retardation, Personality Disorders. Beck MD Jul 13, The Skinny on Exercise and Weight Loss.


Sapolsky Aug 26, Evolutionary Psychology – Altruism and Mating. Kline Aug 21, Reasoning from Parts to Whole.

Danut Murariu | Google –

Language and Style in Argument. Crooks and Karla Baur Jan 1, Perception – Forming Internal Models. Mindfulness-The Power of Awareness. Buskist Dec 17, Hunter Jun 15, Smith Dec 28, Kihlstrom and Daniel L.

Davison and John M. Modern Logical Predicate Logic.

Working Cooperatively In Groups. Social Psychology—Influence and Reciprocity.

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Stasis—The Heart of the Controversy. Inferences Demand Relevant Evidence. Memory – Memory Aids and Forgetting Theories. Murray and Dan McAdams Nov 1, Hypotheses and Experiments- A First Look.

Myers Dec 12, James Birx Jan 13,