ISO 9613-1 PDF

ISO Acoustics – Attenuation of Sound During Propagation Outdoors – Part 1: Calculation of the Absorption of Sound by the Atmosphere. Purchase your copy of ISO as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards available. You can verify the calculator using some validation data taken from Table 1 of ISO , and calculate attenuation due to atmospheric absorption at a distance.

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Our customers cover a wide range of sectors, technologies and applications. Customers who isso this product also bought ISO Canadian Acts and Regulations. Measurements of mass, force, pressure, and density are some of the most commonly made in the UK. You will be amazed at the breadth of our services, built on years of leadership in accuracy, innovation and scientific research.

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Transportation Association of Canada. Protons for Breakfast A 6-week course for people interested in science and its impact on our lives. Classification system and qualification procedures for type testing of valves. NPL provides world-class research, consultancy, calibrations and specialised measurement services in chemical metrology.

This special interest group brings together those interested in communication technologies and in electromagnetics. NPL has provided us with very valuable services, which have helped ensure that our satellites offer the accuracy needed provide our customers with technology they can trust, and remain ahead of our competitors. Biotechnology NPL’s Biotechnology Group specialises in the measurement of biomolecules and the study of their interactions in solution, at interfaces and inside cells.


The reference ambient atmospheric pressure, is that of the International Standard Atmosphere at mean sea level An article in Nature Climate Isk explains how the Centre for Carbon Measurement is working on the measurement challenges surrounding climate change.

ISO 9613-1:1993

Calculation of the absorption of sound by the atmosphere. We are already seeing a faster turnaround of measurement activities with higher accuracy and increased confidence.

Click to learn more. Canadian General Standards Board. American Water Works Association.

NPL Acoustics: Calculation of absorption of sound by the atmosphere

This useful physics handbook produced in association with the Institute of Physics IoP is an excellent resource for physics students and teachers. General method of calculation. It aims to facilitate the sharing of measurement knowledge and information between NPL scientists and members of jso network, as well as providing a forum for the sharing and exchange of information and advice between members and other measurement experts.

Accurate measurements play a vital role in gauging the scale of anthropogenic and naturally driven effects, pollutant concentrations and the development of strategies to mitigate short and long-term impacts. NPL produces a wide range of case studies highlighting our capability and the sectors we operate in. NPL’s multi-disciplinary Electrochemistry team undertakes ground-breaking research in measurement and modelling of electrochemical and charge transfer processes.

Measurement Challenges of Climate Change. Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories.


But researchers at NPL and elsewhere are working hard to make the international prototype obsolete. Society for Protective Coatings.

A ground-breaking new device could help to usher in the long-awaited era of quantum computers. Introduction ISO Part 1 describes the calculation method for absorption of sound by the atmosphere.

Science Lectures A series of lectures given by NPL scientists or external speakers designed to inspire and inform us about the amazing research done both at NPL and other institutions worldwide.

ReactFast Find out about measuring reaction times and take the ReactFast challenge. NPL maintains a wide portfolio of internationally visible research programmes that advances measurement science, underpins the SI system and supports various cross-disciplinary 9631-1. Electronics Interconnection NPL’s multidisciplinary team undertakes research in a sio of disciplines across interconnect systems.

Calculation of absorption of sound by the atmosphere

In optical science and technology, NPL is directing research effort into science areas which are central to communications, healthcare and climate change.

Ionising Radiation Radioactivity and radiation measurements are fundamental in a large group of activities and their use is expanding. Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Measurement journal highlights two NPL papers. Environmental Measurement Accurate measurements play a vital role in gauging the scale of anthropogenic and naturally driven effects, pollutant concentrations and the development of strategies to mitigate short and long-term impacts.

Stone Age tools help modern manufacturing.