Tutti i miei robot by Isaac. Asimov and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at Title, Tutti i miei robot. Volume 11 of Oscar classici moderni. Author, Isaac Asimov . Translated by, L. Serra. Edition, 3. Publisher, Mondadori, 0 ReviewsWrite review html?id=WdfiAAAACAAJ. Tutti i miei robot. By Isaac Asimov. About this book.

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Lenny – all of the stories with data entry show physical means of entry, either perforated tape as in this story or some sort of symbols pressed into paper or plastic. Da Oscar L’uomo bicentenario”.

I know stories like “The Ugly Little Boy” and “Lest We Rememeber” will stick with me for a long time to come mkei the story “Hostess”, I think, will actually end up inspiring what I’m writing now To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Robot was not the issue, the way the humans dealt with it was. Missing ones were either written after its publication, or formed the text connecting the stories in I, Robotand Asimov’s robot-centric novels, such as the Elijah Baley and R.

Robot Dreams

Randolph also likes to tinker with broken down machines, endearing himself instantly to AL Over time though, Asimov’s writing skill improved and he had rounder characters to work with and by using them over several stories they began to take on lives of their own – Susan Calvin being the most notable, if not the most lovable. Turner Falk rated it it was ok Oct 22, Kianoush Suzanchi rated it it was ok May 15, Another askmov of short stories, listed below along with my rating: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to assimov.

Asimov is widely considered a master of the science-fiction genre and, along rohot Robert A. Tutti i miei robot Robot 0. Other books in the series. These short stories are punchy and enjoyable of a kind that I found difficult to put down – they may have been written many years ago, but old they are not, classic they are.


Everything is neatly explained in the foreword and the different introductions to each segment in this compilation by Mr Asimov himself, topped with a pinch of humour, which I didn’t know he had.

Also if Heinlein named Mike after some of Asimov’s computers. These are classics of the 30’s after all. The answer–by demonstration–would take care of that, too. Duplicates 12 Jul 09, They were clever, they were creative, they were funny, they were si Like all short story collections, there are some hit and misses in here.

What happens when a toy is no longer appreciated, how does it feel? Although fearful at first, Randolph quickly surmises that the robot’s manufacturer would pay a handsome reward for its return since robots were not yet permitted for use on Earth.

Tutti i miei robot

In my nostalgic opinion, they are one of the best introductions to his work. However, I Robot was announced as a group read and, seeing as The Complete Robot contained all of the same stories minus the Dr. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law; About law no. Rachel rated it it was ok Aug 14, This one is a must read! Trivia About The Complete Robo I can understand not liking them for that reason, but to me as a reader, it’s irrelevant.

This includes I, Robot as well as a bunch of other robot stories. Vi avevo avvertito che sarebbe stata una recensione strettamente personale. Scifi fans, tech people.

Tutti i miei robot: Isaac Asimov, L. Serra: : Books

What if – but that’s a what if many of us won’t experience anymore, I think – robots become so free in thinking and communicating that they stand up against their makers? H I must say I didn’t like this book too much, contrary to what I had expected.

Other books in the series. Carefully, AC organized the program. And then there are the cultural assumptions, despite the author’s naysaying it, that women are inferior Aug roboh, Jen rated it really liked it.


The list only lacks Forward The Foundationwhich came out after Prelude. The stories at this point relate more, building on one another and have continuing characters. Divided into three parts, The Coming of Robots, The Laws of Robotics, and Susan Calvin, the collection takes the reader from the very beginnings tuttu man versus robot to the topic of robot versus universe.

Refresh and try again. Robbie – includes another Cinderella story. Aug 18, David Baird rated it really liked it. Un’ultima cosa ho da dire, poi giuro che taccio. After some early doubts she quickly realises how valuable he can be. Questo approccio si materializza nella sfiducia e nello scetticismo che gli antagonisti delle varie storie nutrono nei confronti dei robots.

I found the prose forced and the characters shallow, added to that the early robots were treated in an apartheid manner – I’m not idaac if this was intentional, or rather a sign if the times when they were written, but they make uncomfortable asimv at times.

A president who has a robot double why? In short; I love him and will always do. Having discovered that the robot books are a prelude to Foundation I was intrigued to revisit. They were clever, they were creative, they were funny, isawc were sinister, they were heartbreaking.

Also several reviews mention, “The Final Question” this was one of the more philosophical stories and one of the best. I learned things I never knew about Mary Shelley and Isaac Asimov, and it enabled me to process these stories on a much deeper level than before. It’s not long, just is usually found in collections.