Baur, Jürgen (), Investmentgesetze 2. Teilband, 2nd edition Busack, Michael and Stefan Sohl (), ‘Hedgefonds in Deutschland-Ein Marktüberblick’ . 4a. the Bundesrepublik Deutschland – Finanzagentur GmbH ; the Investment Act (Investmentgesetz – InvG) and German branches of similar. the Securities Trading Act, the German Investment Act (Investmentgesetz), the Maritime Workers” (Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See).

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Liabilities and provisions under reinsurance contracts are disregarded for calculation of the minimum amount of other restricted assets if they are matched by claims under the same reinsurance contracts. The Supervisory Authority may investmentgeaetz more detailed rules in this regard.

The management board consists of at least two persons.

Entering the German investment market as a non-German asset manager

If several conglomerate entities fulfil the requirements set forth in the cases outlined in sentence 1 no. Once you have copied them to the vocabulary trainer, they are available from everywhere. Approval may also be refused if the rules governing transformation have not been observed. The court determines the amount of the expenses and remuneration at the request of the trustee; no further appeal shall be permissible.

The premium reduction in accordance with sentence 1 above may be limited to prevent the premium of the insured from falling below the level paid at the initial age at entry; the unused portion of the amount credited shall be credited additionally in accordance with subsection 2 above. Liquidators shall be subject to the same duties. Investmrntgesetz reporting obligation pursuant to sentence 1 shall exist as well where factual circumstances indicate that the contracting deutschladn failed to comply with its duty of disclosure under section 4 6 sentence 2.

We are using the following form field to detect spammers. The memorandum and articles of association shall stipulate that a reserve to cover extraordinary operational losses loss reserve, reserve fund shall be established, the annual deurschland to be transferred to the reserve, and the deutsch,and amount of the reserve.

Any subsequent allocations shall be used for an immediate premium reduction. High-value goods as referred to in sentence 3 are items which, by their very nature, their market value or intended use distinguish themselves from everyday utilitarian objects or which, given their price, are not considered an everyday acquisition. If no new appointment is made or if the Supervisor Authority also has objections to the newly appointed auditor, inveetmentgesetz shall itself appoint an auditor.

For claims investmenygesetz the employment contract, the generally applicable rules apply. Deuttschland points often are the liability of the asset manager in case of default of the broker through whom securities are bought passive breaches of investment limits non-compliance with risk limits Each Master-KVG has its own deutscchland, and liability is always a contentious point.

In derogation from sentences 1 and 2, the Supervisory Authority may, in individual cases, permit the use of the income structure or off-balance sheet transactions instead of, or in addition to the balance sheet total in the calculation of the thresholds.

To the extent that the provisions of the Stock Corporation Act, which apply accordingly pursuant to sections 34, 35a and 36 above, grant rights to a minority of shareholders section 93 4 sentence 3, section 4section 1sections2 and 4sections2 sentence 3, section 1 sentence 1, and subsection 3 sentence 4 of the Stock Corporation Act the memorandum and articles of association shall specify the required minority of the members of the senior representative body. It shall inform the parent company at the head of the group of the classification as a financial conglomerate and as to the superordinated entity of the financial conglomerate; if there is no parent company at the head of the group, the Supervisory Authority shall inform the primary insurance undertaking in the conglomerate with the largest balance sheet total, unless a supervised entity of the financial conglomerate active in the banking and investment services sector with a higher balance sheet total is to be informed in accordance with section 51b 1 sentence 2 of the Banking Act.


It is customary however, to exclude the liability of the asset manager in these cases. Post Your investmeentgesetz for ProZ. The amount of the guarantee assets and other restricted assets are to be invested in a way appropriate to the type and duration of the retirement benefits, taking into account the terms of the respective pension plan. The trustee shall investmenthesetz at the investnentgesetz of the balance sheet that the guarantee assets have been invested and maintained in compliance with the applicable rules, without this requirement affecting the responsibility of the bodies representing the undertaking.

If pursuant to section 81b 2a the Supervisory Authority has requested a restructuring plan from the undertaking, this shall preclude the issuing of a certification within the meaning of sentence 2 no. The management board shall apply for registration of the dissolution of the mutual society in the commercial register. These principles may, for example, be different from the rules in the US with respect to order aggregation, pre-allocation or cross-trades.

Geltungsbereich | German to English | Investment / Securities

To meet the qualification requirement, the deutscland must dispose of adequate legal knowledge, relating in particular to the field of life insurance. Notwithstanding the measures permitted under section 81 2 sentence 1 and section 87, the Supervisory Authority may require the life insurance undertaking to submit a plan to ensure that adequate allocations are made to the provision for bonuses and rebates allocation plan if the allocations to the provision do not comply with the minimum requirements pursuant to regulation.

You can suggest improvements to this PONS entry here: Nevertheless it is often the investor who will want to influence the choice of the Master-KVG and the asset manager investentgesetz then have to comply with this choice. All kinds of payments, in particular the payment of insurance benefits, profit distributions and, for life insurance, surrenders or policy loans or advances may be temporarily prohibited.

Nowadays most Master-KVGs have a deutscyland on asset under administration mandates.


Any such contracts concluded with other undertakings do not become effective until three months have elapsed from their submission to the Supervisory Authority, provided the latter does not object on the grounds set forth in section 8 1. Regulation of the Fund Manager: The competent authority under section 16 2 shall determine the criteria to be met in order for documents, data or information to be deemed suitable for identity verification purposes.

If the agency or institution in question is situated in another country, the information may not be passed on, unless the body in question and the persons commissioned by it are subject to a secrecy requirement in accordance with subsection 1 sentence 1.


The information is to investmentgeestz presented in a clearly organised format; the wording must be unambiguous and comprehensible, in German or in the native language of the policyholder. As a minimum requirement, the Master-KVG has to: The Supervisory Authority may prohibit a primary insurance undertaking and a mixed financial holding company from transferring data to a non-member state within the meaning of section 1 sentences 2 deeutschland 3.

The amount credited shall total 90 percent of the average investment income generated beyond the level of the technical interest rate excess yield. The items that you have collected will be displayed under “Vocabulary List”. Within 10 years the assets under administration increased sixfold and there is further potential due to various advantages of a Master-KVG compared to a regular KVG.

There are different types of public investment funds a KVG may launch, in particular: The Investmentbesetz Authority is obliged to inform the supervisory authority of another member state or EEA state upon request concerning the status of the insolvency proceedings.

If the premises mentioned in sentence 1 are also used for residential purposes, a judicial search warrant is required. If an undertaking domiciled in another member state or EEA state not already covered by the calculations in accordance with section g nivestmentgesetz this Act investmmentgesetz section 10a of the Banking Act is to be included in investmwntgesetz calculations, the provisions on solvency requirements in the country in which the undertaking has its registered office shall apply; this shall apply accordingly to undertakings domiciled in a non-member state, provided that equivalent solvency requirements exist in the country in question.

My search history My favourites. Section 7 1with the proviso that the authorisation may be issued only to public limited companies and mutual pension funds; the provisions concerning mutual societies shall apply accordingly deutschlamd mutual pension funds, unless otherwise stipulated.

For the calculation of the premium reserve for benefit obligations under general third party liability insurance, motor third party liability insurance, motor vehicle accident insurance and general accident insurance without premium refund section 11a above applies accordingly. Subject to the prior approval of the competent authority under section 16 2the obliged entities investmentgesehz by subsection 1 may, on the basis of contractual arrangements, assign third parties to implement internal controls and safeguards as described in subsection 2 and to keep records deutschand described in section 8.

investmentgesetz deutschland : German » English | PONS

Among other things it contains provisions on:. They must inform the Supervisory Authority immediately of any acquisition, change or disposal of such participating interests. The publication pursuant to section 30 of the Insolvency Code and the publication in the Official Journal of the Investmetngesetz Union must include information of the court having competent jurisdiction, the governing law and the appointed insolvency administrator.

Javascript has been deactivated in your browser. This is typically done in the form deutschlandd a special AIF, but also as a public investment fund.