My Internship Report on SMBL Shikarpur Road Sukkur Branch by qazi_salu in Types > Research > Business & Economics. INTERNSHIP REPORT. ON. HABIB BANK LIMITED PAKISTAN. PREEDY GATE BRANCH BANNU. SUBMITTED TO: SIR AMAN ULLAH AWAN. DIRECTOR. In Government of Pakistan announced the privatization of HBL to Agha Internship Report on Banking Business Activities of Mercantile Bank Limited, Internship start and finish dates: 5th March – 30th April

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The central bank of the country controls and oh volume of credit through the active cooperation of the banking system in the country. United Bank Limited is providing the general banking services. We are also thankful to our siblings and friends as their amity support us at every point. But this step was proved e futile for the Banking in Pakistan.

It is made by the bank and given to the purchaser against cash or cheque. Some facts about the privacy and systematic approach of the organization were revealed.

HBL Internship Report by Rajesh Sekar in Internship Reports category on

As an evidence for receiving valuables he issued a receipt, which in turn became like cheques as a mode of exchange. Fixed Deposits These deposits are fixed for a particular period.


They will see that no delay is caused in completing formalities and processes which may create problem to the borrowers intersnhip divert funds elsewhere or want of scope for investment and thus the funds become stuck up ultimately. His Majesty King Tribhuvan inaugurated first commercial bank i. Here the transactions are recording properly. But with the passage of time these are improving.

HBL Internship Report

Being one of the corporate citizens of the country, Right from the time of its commencement, it has been discharging its social responsibilities through various social and allied institutions.

Following tasks are made in cash section: The procedures are discussed later in this chapter. I think in this case eeport authority is violating the rule.

ICB Unit certificate etc. UBL have been ranked as number three banks in Pakistan in terms of deposits and branches. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

Assignment Point – Solution for Best Assignment Paper

He prepares this report and submitted to the bank. In case of DD four 4 copies of vouchers are prepared. There are many transactions are made in every day in bank. Appraisal of feasibility and viability of the projects shall be done in proper manner examining all the factors by an efficient and qualified appraiser so that no difficulties are faced at any stage of the project from construction to production stage.

To be a world class bank dedicated to excellence, and to surpass the highest expectations of our customers and all other stakeholders 3. Here make sure mandatory fields are entered and any valid contact number must be provided. This encourages saving by giving various type of incentives to the savers.


Internship Report on Himalayan Bank Limited – Internship Report

National or social interest: How a bank operates their activities in different areas being a single organization. After receiving the loan application form, Federation Branch sends a letter to Bangladesh Bank for obtaining a report from there. So if it faces any problem in any sector it can be covered by the profit of another sector.

Order of the court. Charge documents as required for the different types of advances, are mentioned below: It implies the assessment of various requirement of actual production process. In an intensely competitive and complex financial and business environment, we particularly focus on growth and profitability of all concerned.

To become preferred provider of quality financial services in the country. Business analysis is done from two angles —term, conditions and collateral securities: They are debited back in the clearing schedule.