Intermediate Algebra: Concepts & Applications (9th Edition) (Bittinger Concepts & Applications) Bittinger, Marvin L.; Ellenbogen, David J.; Johnson, Barbara L. Rent Intermediate Algebra 9th Edition instead of buying and save up to 90%. Authors: Bittinger, Marvin L. and Ellenbogen, David J. ISBN SEARCH. Cancel. Intermediate Algebra 9th edition Authors: Marvin L Bittinger, David J Ellenbogen, Barbara L Johnson.

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Algebra and Problem Solving. This provides immediate reinforcement of concepts and skills. Examples and exercises that use real data are updated or replaced with current applications.

To provide a better teaching and learning experience for both instructors and students, this program will:. Decision Making Connection is a intermediahe that prepares students for math use in day-to-day life by specifically applyingthe math of each chapter to a context in which students may be involved in decision-making. Multiplying and Dividing 6. Though keeping prices low has always been the goal, we can boast an excellent support team that has helped thousands of students get the best value for their education.

Systems of Three Equations 3.

Adding and Subtracting 6. Students who can complete these exercises should be prepared to work the remaining exercises in the exercise set. If you’re interested in creating a cost-saving package for your students, contact your Pearson rep.

Bittinger Video Program for Intermediate Algebra: Quick Quiz at the end of exercise sets provides a consistent review. Systems of Linear Equations and Problem Solving 3. Additionally all videos include closed captioning. Signed out You have successfully signed out and will be required to sign back in should you need to download more resources. Mid-Chapter Reviews offer guided solutions and mixed review exercises. The new Bittinger video program and MyMathGuide work hand in hand to guide students to success.


Return shipping is prepaid so please use either of the two methods to ensure they arrive at the correct facility. A General Strategy 5. Michael’s College and The University of Vermont. Sign In We’re sorry!

Bittinger, Ellenbogen & Johnson, Intermediate Algebra: Concepts & Applications | Pearson

Containstep-by-step solutions for every problem in the Chapter Tests. Your Turn exercises after every example direct students to work similar problems for immediate reinforcement of skills and concepts. Cumulative Review help students retain and apply their knowledge from previous chapters. Exploring the Concept activities appear at least once in every chapter and encourage students to think about or visualize a concept. Answers to these exercises appear at the end of each exercise set.

Student’s Solutions Manual for Intermediate Algebra: The Bittinger Concepts and Applications Program delivers proven pedagogy, guiding students from skills-based math to the concepts-oriented math required for college courses. In addition to the Student Notes, Visualizing for Success, and Connecting the Concepts features present in earlier editions, an Exploring the Concept feature is now included in each chapter. Exploring the Concept activities, Algebraic-Graphical Connections, and optional Technology Connections encourage students to think about and visualize concepts.

You can buy or rent the book through Campus Book Rentals. This feature is placed at strategic points in each chapter, with Mixed Review Exercises immediately following, to help students maximize their retention of key concepts. About this title Related materials. Slope, Graphs, and Models 2. Exploring the Concept in the text leads into the figures available in MyMathLab to create as media assignments, Learning Aids, and in the Multimedia Library.


Notes, Practice, and Video Path. This new feature is grouped together along with Translating for Success, Visualizing for Success, and Collaborative Activity, at the end of each chapter, for easy integration into lessons at the appropriate time.

We’re confident we offer the best value in rentals, but if you’re not a believer you can always return your book for a no questions asked refund within 21 days. A General Strategy 5.

Concepts and Applications, 8th Edition. Concepts and Applications, 10th Edition. Not only is it better for you, but when you return it that book can go on to help even more students access affordable education. Polynomials and Polynomial Functions 5.

Add bitfinger Cart Intermediate Algebra: Join over a million students that have saved money by renting! This product is part of the following series. Prepare to Move On, is a short set of exercises appearing at the end of every exercise set beginning with Chapter 2 that reviews concepts and skills previously covered in the text which will be used in the next section.

Exponential Functions and Logarithmic Functions 9. Rational Expressions, Equations, and Functions 6. Systems of Three Equations 3.

Intermediate Algebra: Concepts & Applications, 9th Edition

Series This product is part of the following series. Active Learning Questions download only for Intermediate Algebra: Inntermediate explanation of simplifying powers of i in Section 7.

Systems of Two Equations 3.