En óptica, un interferómetro de Fabry-Pérot, o Etalon está, normalmente, constituido por una placa con dos superficies reflectantes, o dos espejos paralelos. volo per applicazioni in campo astronomico da satellite. Viene presentato l’ interferometro di. Fabry-Pérot all’interno del quadro degli spettroscopi per uso. Media in category “Fabry-Pérot interferometer”. The following 37 files are in this category, out of 37 total. Airy distribution of a Fabry-Perot.

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The field transmitted after the first propagation and the smaller and smaller fields transmitted after each consecutive propagation through the resonator are. Physically, the Airy distribution is the sum of mode profiles of the longitudinal resonator modes.

By using this site, interfeormetro agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This definition of the Airy finesse is consistent with the Taylor criterion of the resolution of a spectrometer. Whereas the photon decay time is still a well-defined quantity, the linewidth loses its meaning, because it resembles a spectral bandwidth, whose value now changes within that very bandwidth.

The phase difference between each successive transmitted pair i. Once the internal resonance enhancement, the generic Airy distribution, is established, interfetometro other Airy distributions can be deduced by simple scaling factors. The incident amplitude at point a is taken to be one, and phasors are used to represent the amplitude of the radiation.

For an asymmetrical cavity, that is, one with two different mirrors, the general form of the transmission function is.

The series is a geometric series whose sum can be expressed analytically. If the transmitted beams are out-of-phase, destructive interference occurs and this corresponds to a transmission minimum. Photoniques in French Retrieved from ” https: In a typical system, illumination is provided by a diffuse source set at the focal plane of a collimating lens. In the accompanying illustration, only one ray emitted from point A on the source is traced. A related device is the Gires—Tournois etalon. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Archived from the original pdf on The complete interference pattern takes the appearance of a set of concentric rings. Constructive interference occurs if the transmitted beams are in phaseand this corresponds to a high-transmission peak of the etalon.

In contrast interferomeyro the exact solution above, it leads to.

Due to the angle dependence of the transmission, the peaks can also be shifted by rotating the etalon with respect to the beam. Light is launched into the resonator under normal incidence. The measurable case of the intensity resulting from the interference of both backward-propagating fabrj fields results in the Airy distribution [6].

Interferômetro de Fabry-Pérot – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Since it is interference that modifies the spectral contents, the spectral intensity distribution inside the resonator would be the same as the incident spectral intensity distribution, and no resonance enhancement would occur inside the resonator.

The maximum reflectivity is given by:. Fourier transformation of the electric field in time provides the electric field per unit frequency interval. The stored, transmitted, and reflected light is spectrally modified compared to the incident light. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Views Read Edit View history. The sharpness of the rings depends on the reflectivity of the flats. In the derivation below, n is the index of refraction inside the etalon, and n 0 is that outside the etalon. The interefrometro amplitude at point b will then be. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Interferómetro Fabry-Pérot

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. If the reflectivity is high, resulting in a high Q factormonochromatic light produces a set of narrow bright interfeometro against a dark background.

Optical Physics 3rd ed. Diode Lasers and Photonic Integrated Circuits 2nd ed. In phasor notation, it can be expressed as [6].

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Also in this case each Airy distribution is the sum of all underlying mode profiles which can be strongly distorted. Geophone Hydrophone Microphone Seismometer.

This page was last edited on 2 Novemberinterfwrometro For the reference standard, see Standard metrology. Etalons are widely used in telecommunicationslasers and spectroscopy to control and measure the wavelengths of light.

In the oblique incidence case, the finesse will depend on the polarization state of the beam, since the value of “R”, given by the Fresnel equationsis generally different for p and s polarizations.

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