Since she was a little girl, Celeste has had one burning desire:to marry Ellery Throckmorton. But what chance does a gardener’s daughter have of capturing th.. . I volunteered to take a second look at In My Wildest Dreams when Robin asked As a fan of both Christina Dodd and the original movie, I was. Buy a cheap copy of In My Wildest Dreams book by Christina Dodd. Beautiful year-old Celeste Milford is only the gardener’s daughter, but she falls madly in.

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May 30, Clare rated it really liked it Shelves: He had to be a man of good sense. Throckmorton to learn the details of her position. That was the problem with that woman. She marched out into the dim corridor. I heard that she has your favor. Celeste is very intelligent and capable of learning many different languages. As she and Mr. Christnia she was a little girl, Celeste has had one burning desire: Throckmorton indicated his wish for quiet and hurried Celeste past.

He knew Celeste understood.

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Dofd she waited to see how he would react. She laid her hand on it, and together they strolled toward the dim corridor. Both brothers hit rock bottom in different ways each. Did you spy on me in there, too? Lady Featherstonebaugh was the original dear little old lady. Dodd ini, just give it a favor! We will find Lord Featherstonebaugh and you shall give him the details of the matched grays you just bought.


Get to Know Us. He could outfit an expedition and lead it through the passes of the Himalayas. Garrick Throckmorton knows that the wedding between his brother and Hyacinth must go through. Yes its cliche, wildewt its the romantic in me. He had a good heart, Throckmorton knew; if only he had a good head to go with it. For he surely had. Throckmorton who had paid the initial cost.

He breathed with her, savored her, filled her with heat and damp and passion. Castles in the Air. The width of the skirt emphasized her trim waist, and the fit of the bodice emphasized her drreams bosom.

Not until we discover what your true role will be. He gestured for quiet and indicated she should speak.

In My Wildest Dreams (Governess Brides, Book 4): Christina Dodd: : Books

The branches on the willow that grew beside the wall were swaying, yet no breeze ruffled any of the other trees. Why should he ever be responsible? Her father was justly celebrated for the beauty of the setting. How had they known when to kindle the fire and warm the sheets? She was an indomitable woman, absolutely trustworthy, intelligent and astute. People were a lot of silly cows.

This woman was dangerous. For he provided her with unexpected pleasure. Indeed — Adorna’s glance flicked to the wall behind Throckmorton — young Celeste seemed to have developed a penchant for spying. Her petticoats flew up to reveal black woolen stockings tied with a string around the knee. You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: The story begins with the gardener’s daughter Celeste being sent to the Distinguished Academy of Governesses for training, as well as to keep her out of the roving eye of young Ellery Throckmorten whom she has a crush on.


Brunella, the senior upstairs maid, froze with her fork in the air.

Celeste and the children took a few steps, Lord Blackthorne speaking animatedly to them. Something caught his eye, and he doddd it again. Ah, she understood a lot of things about him.

Probably because I could almost predict what was going to happen next, and that really is no fun in a book that one has never read before. Don’t do THAT to me! They must be speaking of the Russian woman. Yes, it’s that good. As she made her way and turned the corner toward the ballroom, the candelabras became few and far between.

However, I am glad I continued reading. He was sick to death of oatmeal baths; he wanted a gentle hand and a soft voice whispering in his ear. His gaze narrowed on her. She stood, framed by willow branches, a rose-clad, practical dreamer. But tonight he seemed to be in a hurry.