If you are a regular reader of James Gurney’s blog, Gurney Journey, you would expect nothing less. This book is as good as I expected. Imaginative Realism by James Gurney, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. “Gurney’s Imaginative Realism is a goldmine for artist’s wanting to create images that sing with Posted by James Gurney at Monday, September 07,

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Be sure to check out more work and writing from James Gurney at gurneyjourney. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

With reference to yesterdays post, I can’t wait to do Gourd Reallism with my students, and let them combine their still life sessions with imaginative thinking. The one may be more talented than the other, of course; but without untiring diligence, single mindedness, and a combative spirit, there can’t be any good result.

While creating an illustration on ship wreckage for National Geographic, he talked to survivors to get an accurate account.

Imaginative Realism : James Gurney :

In this book, Gurney has talked about his process of producing “dinotopia”. This weblog by Dinotopia creator James Gurney is for illustrators, plein-air painters, sketchers, comic artists, animators, art students, and writers. He explains the concepts I mentioned above and breaks them down not only with text explaining them doing preparatory sketches, making value studies, taking photographs for reference, etc but also with pictures consisting of finished art, sketches, photos and other such images to explain them.

More than an instruction book, this is the ultimate reference for fans of science fiction and fantasy illustration.

Imaginative Realism : How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist

Arnold Very informative book by an excellent artist. Jan 28, Mya rated it really liked it. Jun 05, Bree rated it it was amazing. We’ll hold your check until we ship.


ParkaBlogs Newsletter Stay informed on our latest news! Dec 15, I Read rated it really liked it Shelves: That same year, I picked up a copy of this book of his from Strand Books for cheap; it was worth every penny because I consult it regularly. I heartily recommend it to all my students. The number This book That sounds so mind-boggling to me, someone who has maybe spent 12 hours top on a piece. This book is as good as I expected.

One question that I have been curious of is how novel writers or artists could create such lively characters, especially non-existent characters. This book is as good as I expected. This book is definitely for people, who are in love of arts and are wondering how creative products are created. Sometimes it takes a good book like this to make us start thinking in simpler modes.

However, I do feel that his level of painting is so advanced, that a lot of what he is teaching went over my head and was not useful to me.

I really got a lot of use from this book. Get ready to be blown away the effort that goes into it, but also the incredible payoff. But of course with more detail and also some sample of Gurney’s commissioned works are worth checking out.

I am having soooo much fun with this book! What this book contains is a distillation of the time-tested methods that I’ve found to be most helpful for achieving realism in imaginative pictures. He shows that creative creatures don’t just appear.

I agree with his statement that goes against the modern concept that an artist should develop a unique personal style, “The artist … should try to study nature as faithfully as possible and portray it with as few mannerisms and conventions as possible.


How to start an art blog Learn how you can build a following and reach more people with an art blog. When you make a still life, a portrait, or a landscape, rwalism generally begin with the subject in front of you. He also acted out the various poses of sailors in distress, rather than drawing them from imagination.

There are topics on people, dinosaurs, imagnative, vehicles, composition and his step-by-steps not techniques but process. On his blog, he talks about his work, art theories, insights and news from the creative field. Nov 09, Theresa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think essentially Gurney breaks down the fear of stepping away from the’copying’ of life and photography, supplying the reader with techniques which free them to put down their imagination with confidence.

Imaginative Realism by James Gurney

This entry was posted in reviews and tagged book reviewdinotopiaimaginative realismjames gurneyreview. Jeremy, yes, you’re right: The section on composition is different from most other treatments of pictorial design, which tend to be based on abstract formulas of line, shape, or geometric proportions.

It is intended not only for artists interested in fantasy and science fiction, but also for anyone who wants to recreate history, visualize extinct wildlife, or simply tell a story with a picture.