The Ilulissat Declaration was adopted by the five Arctic nations with borders on the Arctic Ocean (Denmark, Norway, Canada, the Russian. “With the Ilulissat Declaration from May , the coastal States bordering the Arctic Ocean agreed to maintain the Arctic as a low-tension. The outcome was the two-page Ilulissat Declaration. You can download a copy at the Danish Foreign Ministry website: Conference in Ilulissat, Greenland.

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The Ilulissat Declaration ten years on – YATA Denmark

This is obviously in the interest of Greenland and therefore of the Danish kingdom. I sometimes meet a Russian diplomat who was there and who is still involved in Arctic affairs.

These three states are therefore not a party to the Ilulissat Declaration. He keeps saying that the Ilulissat Declaration is like French wine. By clicking the “Accept”-button, you agree that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and third parties use cookies. It only gets better with age. If the current militarization of the Arctic region spearheaded by Russia intensifies in the coming years, the chances for military confrontations intentional and unintentional increases and it could prove disruptive to the current collaborative regional atmosphere.

In other parts of the world, the Arctic States are involved in critical conflicts on different sides.

The nations recognize that climate change is affecting the Arctic region, creating both new opportunities and challenges. Ten years on it is still hailed as an important scaffold for peace, cooperation and the international order in the Arctic.


When a unique, protective moratorium on commercial fishing in the central parts of the Arctic Ocean was agreed in late — also with China, Japan and South Korea — it all started with a deal among the A5 nations. As the two researchers put it: The year anniversary of the Ilulissat Declaration is celebrated in Greenland this week.

Ilulissat Declaration – Wikipedia

The high-level meeting will also focus on sustainable economic development. The same are the Inuit Circumpolar Council and the Saami Council, while the four other Arctic Indigenous organizations — which altogether constitute the six permanent participants of the Arctic Council — did not make use of their invitations. On the first day, sustainable economic development was on top of the agenda.

Also, Denmark and Greenland will be keen to safeguard any unobstructed channel of dialogue with Russia. The needs of neither the Americans nor the Russians are similar. Greenland and Denmark, in something of a surprise move have invited U. After all, in that context we are the weak nation. Taking into account the divisiveness of Crimea, Ukraine, accusations of Russian hacking and so forth, no one presently expects new groundbreaking accommodations between Russia and the other Arctic nations, most of them NATO members.

Denmark’s bilateral development cooperation with Ghana Annex 3: In the time of globalization and global uncertainty, it is important to re-affirm the core values of this exceptional region; peace and prosperity for our peoples. While already being a small tourist magnet, this is probably going to boost the interest in sustainable Arctic tourism with respect for both nature and traditional culture even more.


Ilulissat Two: Why Greenland and Denmark are inviting Arctic governments back this May

Cookie Summary About Cookies. Photo by Marlene Kempel Lehrmann Disclaimer: This time around invitations have been extended not only to those bordering the Arctic Ocean but also to Finland, Iceland, Sweden and to the Arctic peoples.

Other forms of economic development are likewise high on the agenda of the nations, however, all agree that development must be beneficial for declwration the indigenous people living in the region and the environment as a whole; sustainability is the key word.

Norway was perturbed, since it had planned its own initiative, which the Danes basically steamrolled.

Ilulissat Declaration

All emphasize that regional cooperation within science and technology, and search and rescue is desirable and mutually beneficial; and as members of the Arctic Council, the states signed the Agreement on Enhancing International Arctic Scientific Cooperation in and the Arctic Search and Rescue Agreement in We work to improve conditions for businesses so the new opportunities can benefit the citizens of the Arctic.

Ilulissat boasts, however, only a few hotels, so if you plan on going in May, make sure to order now. Which indicates of course that there is more to it than peace.

Ilulissat is a small town with less than 4, inhabitants. See also [ edit ] Arctic portal.