The story from II Pecorone centres on the adventures of a young man called Giannetto,l who corresponds to Shakespeare’s. Bassanio. He is the godson of a. Appendix 4: Il Pecorone. IL PECORONE is a collection of tales by Ser Giovanni. It was written in Italian at the end of the. 14th Century and printed in Milan in. The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni, now first tr. into English by W. G. Waters; choicely illus. by E. R. Hughes. Main Author: Giovanni, Fiorentino, 14th cent. Related.

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He praised you to me so highly that I, hearing you lauded thus, and knowing what kind feeling you had towards me, determined to send for you, and to be no longer cruel to you. But a cursory examination of the sonnet, and a comparison of it with the lyrics in the other parts of the ” Pecorone” will rouse a suspicion that it belongs to a much later period, and could hardly have been written by the author of the rest of the book, whether he wrote as early as or not.

Fiorentino, Il Pecorone,

And though the priest had fallen in love with her when he first beheld her in the friar’s habit, he found her a thousandfold more lovable in woman’s weeds, and that evening they exchanged a thousand kisses, shedding many tears the while. But be sure that you fail not to pass by her house this evening, and then you can note what sort of glance she gives you, and see whether she appears angered with you or not.

Then he lifted up his head and perceived that it was broad day; so he got up, covered with disgrace, and once more they gave him a horse and money for the journey, and said ‘Go your way,’ and he departed full of shame and sorrow. Dante, ” Inferno,” V. Now it happened that, after Messer Giannetto set forth eagerly for Venice, his wife followed immediately behind him clad in legal garb and taking two servants with her.

Tarry a little; there is something else. After a certain time he steals therefrom a cup of gold; and, having gone back thither, he falls into a cauldron of boiling pitch.

To be assured that what I say is the truth, come with me now.

Moreover, on account of her honest and heavenly way of life, the prioress and the other sisters held her in the highest affection and reverence. Then pecrone went to the foot of the bed and began to uncover her feet and legs, one standing on either side of the bed. Recent criticism, however, has taken a more destructive line.

Il Pecorone

Whereupon Acciaiuolo said, ‘ Of a surety I never espied a lovelier creature than this one, or one with a skin so fair and white.

Then we mounted our horses, which were ready for us, and in about three hours we came to Corneto, where the friar had let prepare a brigantine, upon which we embarked forthwith, and sent pedorone our horses. Therefore, if you wish to catch him, put on my raiment, and wrap a cloth round your head, and go down to the loggia.


Signor de Gubernatis makes what seems to be his most weighty point in his opening paragraphs, to wit, in his examination of the prefatory sonnet of the work, ” sonetto burchiellesco proemiale che gli st a innanzi e si referisce all’ annosonetto che a me parve sempre manipolazione e compilazione piu recente, non pur del quattrocento ma del cinquecento.

One morning greeted me a maiden bright, Sweet as an angel, as the ermine white. When Buondelmonte saw that Acciaiuolo was engaged in an argument there- anent, he hurried back to his room, and, having opened the chest, he drew therefrom the lady’s clothes, and bade her dress herself, and beckoned to the maid to come and accompany her ll.

Giannetto also was minded to show his skill, and indeed he wrought such marvellous deeds, and showed such great prowess both with his arms and his horse, and won pecorne completely the favour of the barons, that they all desired to have ppecorone to rule over them. I picture pecoron this lovesome damsel mine, Whose clear and lucent eyes the golden stars outvied.

Giovanni Fiorentino

All the scholars who were there went and condoled with him, saying how much grieved they were for what had happened. Thirteen hundred and seventy-eight the year When I, one Ser Giovanni, wrote this book, As all may see who list therein to look, Wrote it, and set in order, neat and clear.

On this account I want you to do me a great service, to wit, that you will sew for me with your own hands a shirt which I may send to my son, who has begged me for a gift of the same. Search this index Full-text Catalog. Then they quit Rome, and the next morning the tower falls, with great slaughter of the Roman people 67 Novel II.

Spenser – Edwards 3. It is indeed true that I am no friar, but a woman, as you know full well. But the Jew made answer that he wanted not the money, since it had not been paid in due time, [5] but that he desired to cut his pound of flesh from Ansaldo. But he was in sooth bent on naught else than to get sight of the lady, where- fore he passed close by the house where she abode.

He came to reside with his godfather, who was called Messer Ansaldo, and so gracious and courteous did he show himself to everyone, that all the ladies of Venice, and the gentlemen as well, held him very dear. My two sisters-in- law compelled me to be their servant, and for kl slightest fault they reproved me, and i, me a lewd woman, wherefore I suffered greatly.

When in her presence I stood once again, Where lonely bloomed erewhile that flower divine, She greeted and she gave me roses twain ; With dainty vermeil lips she smiled benign. No other lady of the city was so much admired as Isabella, for she was by far the most beautiful, and the fame of her was spread all through Tuscany, by reason of her loveliness and courtesy and gracious carriage. The disguised lady rode in advance, and every time she turned round she perceived the priest to be as it were lost in thought, for he was ever thinking over what had happened, which seemed to him a strange thing indeed.


After hearing these words of the host the doctor let publish a notice through all the state of Venice, setting forth how all those with any question of law to settle should repair to him. There is no shred of evidence, external or internal, available to furnish a reason for this change of style. Take what following you wish, and a hundred thousand ducats to boot, and halt not till you shall be come to Venice.

The friar arrived at Ppecorone, and found occasion to speak with me in the church of the novel i. Whereupon she went to the window of the palace, and, as soon as she espied the fine vessel and the banner thereof, she made the sign of the holy cross and said, ‘Of a surety this is a great day for me, for it is the same gentleman who has already brought such wealth into the land.

Magliabecchi, who is speaking of legists in general, goes on to tell of a certain Ser Giovanni who at one time had occupied the position of judge at Citta di Castellana.

Should there be any, take it pwcorone hesitation, if so be it will give you pleasure. But the friar, weeping the while, inquired of him whither he was bound, and the priest replied that he was going to Avignon.

What is this you pdcorone saying? The fates are benignant to the lovers from the beginning, and not once in the course of the five-and-twenty days of consecutive story-telling was their tete-a-tete in the convent parlour interrupted.

Therefore, hedged in between his poverty of invention and his disinclination to go on knitting together in fresh combination the anecdotes of lust, revenge, murder, and buffoonery which best satisfied the public taste, it is not wonderful that he should have seized upon the more romantic of the episodes of Italian history in order to let the story-telling in the convent parlour run its placid course.

Never before had there come to our city so seemly a youth. There is no crafty intrigue, no mining and countermining, no outwitting of husband or father. The young woman, when she pecorkne they were both asleep, lighted a candle and went softly to the friar’s bed, and began to undress herself, and, this done, she lay down beside him.

How and at what time the city of Rome was built.

In pecodone cases where he and Straparola deal with the same motive the versions of the two writers may be compared to show how widely different was their method.

In one came out at Lucca with the false date of a forged edition purporting to have been published at Milan inand in at Leghorn was published the edition with Gaetano Poggiali’s valuable introduction.