Il mulino sulla Floss has ratings and reviews. Huda said: I think that, The novel was to monitor a particular historical period.. in terms. Title, Il mulino sulla floss. Volume 36 of Biblioteca di Repubblica: Ottocento. Author, George Eliot. Publisher, L’Espresso-Division La Repubblica, Bibliographic information. QR code for Il mulino sulla Floss. Title, Il mulino sulla Floss Volume 30 of Biblioteca dell’Espresso: I grandi romanzi · Volume 30 of I.

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To view it, click here. She is the type of heroine who is too much for her time, she is considered too clever, too passionate, too impetuous and commits a grave crime in Victorian society: I felt like Eliot introduced him a bit late, he was almost coming from nowhere, I didn’t really get to know him well, except through his romantic adventures and how much I disliked how he was through that prism.

Mill on the Floss is said to be a semi biographical novel by George Eliot. Maggie ruined all possibilities of a real happiness, a probable happiness, because of her incomprehensible love for her brother Tom. I’ve either caught that hideous virus that has altered my mood for reading, or I’m not in the mood for reading Victorian romances and the like at the moment.

Il mulino sulla Floss by George Eliot (3 star ratings)

His sense of duty was commendable but his lack of understanding of her sister and his rigid authority distances him from Maggie which ultimately leads to some dire consequences.

It felt like Eliot resorted to a Deus ex Machina when there was potential for something much tighter, where the author’s hand was less obvious in resolving the many crises. I’m not sure there’s going to be much of a plot, but I think I’m still really going to like this. I really enjoyed that The Mill on the Floss started off as a childhood novel, I have rarely read any in Victorian literature so far and it helped me to grow to care about Maggie, as well as to see all o 3.


Mr Tulliver dotes on his dark haired child who shares his hot temper, while his wife is sadly puzzled by her daughter. But then as the story moves forward you find these two intolerable as well.

We meet Maggie as a 9-year-old rather headstrong and passionate girl who gets into trouble but is never mean. Despite a heavy workload, she translated “The Essence of Christianity”, the only book ever published under her real name. Glegg are two more characters with serious depth and are fine additions to the cast. Maggie is a strong and interesting literary character who, in the end, as may have been foreseen, is a heroine.

I do not recommend skipping her long prose sections, however, some of which contain beautiful imagery or these random pearls of wisdom that modern writers just don’t write anymore! I’m tempted to say really foul-mouthed things about Tom Tulliver here, but I’ll restrain myself. She cannot have both as they contradict each other. He was a great representation of toxic masculinity, thinking that his love interests owe him and he did as he pleased without anyone consent Anyways, I hope I like a different Eliot book better.

I have never read any George Elliot novels before, and have to confess to coming to this book expecting not to like it much.

Il mulino sulla floss – George Eliot – Google Books

And the man of maxims is the popular representative of the minds that are guided in their moral judgment solely by general rules, thinking that these will lead them to justice by a ready-made patent method, without the trouble of exerting patience, discrimination, impartiality, — without any care to assure themselves whether they have the insight that comes from a hardly earned estimate of temptation, or from a life vivid and intense fkoss to have created a wide sullaa with all that is human.


I came so close to bestowing 4 stars on this book.

Influenced by a favorite governess, she became a religious evangelical as an adolescent. The fem Mill on the Floss is said to be a semi biographical novel by George Eliot. She loves him more than everything in the world, but she is also afraid of him. One interesting point is Maggie’s reading of The Imitation of Christ.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Open Preview See a Problem? I think that, The novel was to monitor a particular historical period. Once we entered the financial downfall of the family, the pacing felt more balanced, and I found Maggie’s return to society after her downfall to be particularly compelling.

Still don’t know what I think, honestly. And, like I said, the book was really cheap, why not, right?

She also considers the Development Theory. Il mulino sulla Floss by George Eliot. I suppose Maggie Tulliver, main female character and our heroine, won’t make it to my ‘Top 5 mluino Female Heroines’.

Il Mulino Sulla Floss

Review below was my way of deciding whether to round up or down and it was this or housecleaning. The scene where Maggie has a run-in with the gypsi This is the second book of Eliot’s I’ve read — I finally got around to reading it long after Middlemarchwhich is one of my all-time favorites and when I finished FlossI wasn’t sorry that I hadn’t gotten to it supla.

All people of broad, strong sense have The brilliance flosss GE: