IDL Tutorial 2: Plots and Output Files for Making Hardcopies .. Hence, you need to first start the PS device using the set_plot command, and then use the. SET_PLOT, ‘PS’. This causes IDL to use the PostScript driver for producing graphical output. Once the PostScript driver is enabled via SET_PLOT, the DEVICE. IDL treats the screen as one device and a postscript file (which you can print) as another. You can switch devices with the set_plot command.

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MULTI is a counter that reports how many plots remain on the page. I’m going to assume that you have a script containing a list of commands that would ordinarily plot to the IDL window.

Creating PDF Files in IDL

After installing Ghostscript, creating a PDF file can be as simple as this. On Windows and UNIX computers, excluding Macintosh computers, the conversion is done with Ghostscripta free, easily obtained and installed software package. D to reflect the configuration of the new device.

To direct graphics output to a PostScript file, issue the command: Suppose this script is called plotmydata. A scalar string containing the name of the device to use.

The third element setplot the number of rows per page. This procedure reads an X Windows Dump file and writes it back out as a properly-sized, 8-bit-color Encapsulated PostScript file:.

As with black and white PostScript, images may be output with 1, 2, 4, or 8 bits, yielding 1, 2, 16, or possible colors. First, make a script to generate a plot on the graphics window.


IDL Tutorial: Generating Hardcopy of Plots

This causes no problems if the color white is loaded into the last color table entry, otherwise a stripe of the last index number color is drawn to the right of the image. An Encapsulated PostScript EPS file is similar to a regular PostScript file except that it contains only one page of PostScript output contained in a “bounding box” that is used to tell other programs about the size and aspect ratio of the encapsulated image.

Set this keyword to indicate that the current contents of the internal color table should be interpolated to cover the range of the newly-selected isl. A recent update 14 Dec to the Coyote Graphics programs, now allows PostScript, PDF, and five types of raster file output to be created directly from the Coyote Graphics graphics command.

The first element of! It sets the read-only system variable! Text and set_plt color indices are translated to RGB by dividing the red, green and blue color table values by Generating Hardcopy of Plots There are many different ways to produce plots in a format other than onto the IDL graphics window. This procedure reads an X Windows Dump seh_plot and writes it back out as a properly-sized, 8-bit-color Encapsulated PostScript file: TV, array ; Write the image to the file.

IDL Graphics Devices

You have more options under Linux, but your best bet is to use a program called “gv. For example, to create and load a color table with four elements, black, red, green and blue: Assuming that the color tables have been loaded with the vectors RGand Ba pixel with a color value of rgb is displayed with seg_plot color of R rSef_plot gB b. Run your plotting script. TVLCT, [0,0,0], [0,0,0], [0,0,0,] Drawing text or graphics with a color index of 0 results in black, 1 in red, 2 in green, and 3 in blue.


A true-color image consists of an array with three dimensions, one of which has a size of three, containing the three color components. This happens because IDL moves the origin of the plot before rotating the PostScript coordinate system degrees clockwise for the landscape plot.

This offset is always taken relative to the lower left-hand corner of the page when viewed in portrait orientation.

Keyword parameters control how the color tables are transferred to the newly selected graphics device. Tweak it until you like the plot.

Creating PDF Files in IDL

The procedure comprises the following steps: MULTI is the number of columns per page. Note that if you have Adobe Acrobat, you can also use the Adobe PDF printer that is installed with Acrobat to accomplish the same thing. Vertical offset 5 in.