Icharger B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Icharger B User Manual. Read online or download PDF • Page 4 / 33 • ProgressiveRC B iCharger User Manual • ProgressiveRC Power suppliers. My iCharger B was one of the earliest released so it has firmware version where as current models are shipping with version

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The iCharger has protection for reversed polarity input or outputlow input voltage. This is typically individual cell voltages, pack ichwrger, charge current, power, charge aka capacityand temperature. The B and included accessories. Originally Posted by hall woo How Much?

DC power input cables and USB connector. When you turn on the charger you are usually in a selection in one of the right four columns of the map shown below. Page 1 of 1.

Not to worry, there is a nice table that describes it all in detail. Each of those boxes in the right four columns is repeated in the following pages in the manual with directions on what can be changed and what manhal it will have.

The B is advertised to balance cells to within 10mV.

Icharger B Manuals

For these examples assume that the charger settings are adequate and do not need adjusted. If the balancing connector has correct polarity, and then connect the main charging port, there is no problem; but if balancing connector has reversed polarity, and then connect the main charging port, it will burn. Battery interior resistance measurement. For a novice this could be a dangerous combination, but an experienced power user may icjarger well enjoy freedom from being dictated what constitutes “safe” by the manufacturer.

It is an inferior but less expensive solution to the problem. The firmware updating utility is created and maintained by Junsi, but for plotting the data they use a third party application called LogView that is free to use. Connect the power source to the B and turn it on if applicable Connect the balance tap if applicable Connect the positive connector of manuual battery to the charger then the negative lead you can do this with the banana plugs Perform charge or discharge operation Disconnect balance tap and main lead from the battery then power down the charger Quick Start The B manual does not provide a “quick start” guide in the manual which often leaves new users asking the most basic question of how one goes about initiating a charge.


The picture below and to the right shows what this looks like if you just wanted to view the six cell voltages in this pack. When you use other equipment to charge or discharge a Lithium pack, icjarger can use the iCharger to monitor the per-cell voltages, battery temperature and process time.

Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Of course there is shipping to consider. Electric motor test mode can be used to run-in electric motors, test motor parameters and performance. One complaint I have is that if you have button beeps turned off you won’t get a beep acknowledging the cancel so you have to go off of the data displayed on the screen to verify that the charger halted the charge.

ProgressiveRC 208B iCharger User Manual

Manuall other four columns are all part of the secondary menu level so you press “Inc” and “Dec” to move between. Last edited by junsi; Jun 26, at Looks and sounds like.

In this mode, the charger acts as a convenient power supply for a hot wire foam cutter. You can also contact with sales hillrc.

Looks like it limits LIPO up to 1C although it certainly appears to have the power to charge many packs at a much higher rate. Connection Sequence According to our engineer, the main charging port and the balance port has reversed polarity protection respectively. The PC interface is simply a USB cable which at first glance appears to be a great idea as we all have tons of them around and won’t need to store yet another specialized cable, but it turns out that this is a somewhat special USB cable so you still need to keep track of it and only use it on the iCharger.

Last edited by kgfly; Apr 01, at The following lists are their main specifications: If you don’t care to plot your data then you may very well not use any software unless you decided to update the firmware to get a new feature or bug fix such as the new regenerative discharge feature.

ProgressiveRC B iCharger User Manual | Page 4 / 33

The charge current is very accurate, even beating out the Watt’s Up meter. Not only save the power but also make the charger size very smart, easy to use and convenient to take.

The iCharger can not only measure the internal resistance of the battery pack, and also can measure the per-cell internal resistance only available for lithium battery. See details in Attachment. Where and when can those be purchased?


As shown in the picture to the right, the following come in the box: Below and on the left is the default view you’ll see when you load new data into LogView.

Return to Batteries and Chargers. Pressing “Inc” will cycle through the cell voltages while pressing “Dec” will cycle through all the other items listed. Files View all Files in thread. See detail information about logview in the manial website: Not only does it look extremely cluttered, it is nearly impossible ichargerr use like this so you’ll want to uncheck the boxes at the left to remove plots that you are not currently interested in viewing.

Graphing The Logview software enables plotting various information depending on the charge type. Remember Me Forgot Password? Icharged similar cable with a JST style plug is also available and if you order from ProgressiveRC you can choose from a large range of output cablesparallel cablesand adapter cables.

Chemistry and cell count Pack volts Charge current mAh charged into the battery or discharged Elapsed time Cell voltages Termination voltage Capacity safety cut-off point Safety timer cut-off point Temperature cut-off point Internal and external temperature Supply voltage Pressing “Start” will always cause the initial screen manal display which contains the first five items that are listed above.

iCharger 208B Manuals

However, the B does not require the use of the balance tap and can charge the full 20A in unbalanced mode which is no better than the chargers of old. If any individual cell appears over-charged or over-discharged or the pack is too hot or the process has gone on for too long, the iCharger will generate an alarm sound and the related information will blink. Do not charge a battery unattended Do not charge near flammable objects Do not exceed the rated cell voltage for your ambient temperature typically 4.

The B manual states that it balances cells to within 10mV, but offers no other indication of how accurate it should be. The second example assumes the last battery charged is identical and all of the parameters are correct so nothing needs changed.

Overall it works fairly well though and Junsi always has the final say on everything, as you would expect.