Icebreaker has ratings and 34 reviews. Allen said: If Hitler had delayed the invasion of the Soviet Union by two weeks, Europe would today be speakin. ICEBREAKER. Who Started the. Second World War? Viktor Suvorov. Translated by Thomas B. Beattie. HAMISH HAMILTON. London. ICEBREAKER Who Started the Second World War? Viktor Suvorov Translated by Thomas B. Beattie HAMISH HAMILTON London For my brother Hamish.

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And looking how shocked they were by defeats of and how they got arrogant after very first success under Moscow and as result got defeated again it certainly looks that they were unaware of it.

Icebreaker — Who Started the Second World War? (review)

The only territories where tanks could be used, after their caterpillar tracks were removed, were Germany, France and Belgium. The Soviet frontier was indeed moved westwards by kilometres, icebreakker at the same time Germany moved its frontier some kilometres eastwards. They were not ready for a defensive war on their own territory. I would expect criticism of that point to me be more along the lines of actually producing USSR’s defense plans.

In Mikhail Tukhachevsky, who had already gained renown for his monstrous brutality in mass exterminations in central Russia, northern Caucasus, the Urals, Siberia and Poland, was formulating the theoretical basis for the aim of war. This allowed Hitl If Hitler had delayed the invasion of the Soviet Union by two weeks, Europe would today be speaking Russian and look much like East Germany prior to unification. The suvoroc of Soviet troops in Lithuania meant that they had sucorov on to the real German frontier.

Suvlrov recognized that the Brest-Litovsk peace had been concluded not in the interests of Russia, but in the interests of world revolution, in the interests of establishing communism in Russia and other countries. The ‘pre-war period’ never existed. Not only did the Party bosses Sovietize the Baltic states, the western Ukraine, western Byelorussia, Bessarabia and Bukovina, but they also had a hand in the ‘appropriate organs’.



Such a massive buildup of forces directly on the frontier simply could not be kept secret. However, just one week after the signing of the Pact, Stalin played his first dirty trick. Once the fascists had come to power, Stalin persistently and doggedly pushed suvoov war.

Having said so many positive things about the numbers and quality of Soviet tanks, one must note one minor drawback. At that time Germany’s position was already hopeless.

Some Russian historians do support Suvorov’s hypothesis. Nor did he trust Sorge who had been “recalled to Svorov months previous but refused, knowing what was waiting for him when he got there. Why is it a problem for me?

In those places where German troops had not crossed the border, Soviet frontier troops went over it on their own initiative. Stalin, meanwhile, went on, throughout this period, selling five million tons of grain every year abroad.

Triandafillov developed his ideas icebreamer in a subsequent book entitled Character of Operations in Modem Armies. In the s, practically all tanks in all tank-producing countries were designed and produced with the engine at the rear and the transmission system at the front.

In his foreword “To the Reader” however, Suvorov states right away “There is no single answer to this question”. Initially the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” was icebeeaker up of only a handful of constituent republics. Churches and monasteries, imperial repositories and museums, were pillaged.

That’s an example of willful fact omission actually. Strategy has simple but inexorable laws.

Hitler took care to set up administrative machinery for new territories even before they had been invaded; Tukhachevsky too proposed icebrfaker do exactly the same thing. Lenin hastened there from exile.

Stalin’s view has long been established in communist mythology. The retraining of the Party establishment went ahead at an intensified pace. In retrospect had we allowed the USSR to bleed more and provided less assistance we could have liberated much more of Europe by the end of the war. Tukhachevsky’s armies were defeated before reaching Warsaw and shamefully retreated. It was then no longer a sailor with the face of a criminal in an armoured car, but a soldier wearing a sheepskin coat, his face turned into the Arctic wind, rifle in hand and with his faithful dog at his side.


He established a common frontier with Germany. No one in such icebrezker would end as victor. Krestinsky, the plenipotentiary representative, or ambassador in Germany, set to work with feverish intensity.

It will fool anyone who isn’t of highly skeptical nature. Icebreaker is based on the author’s meticulous scouring of such published sources as memoirs of wartime Icebrea,er military leaders, and histories suvirov individual Soviet divisions, corps, armies, fleets, and air units. In peacetime, however, Stalin was responsible for the destruction of approximately five to seven times more people for the sake of acquiring motorway tanks and offensive aircraft.

Creating a suvoriv by coming closer to borders with Germany.

We have already seen, and shall see again, that the arms created were in no way suitable for the defence of his territory nor the protection of his people; indeed, he would be compelled either to use them in a way for which they were not intended, or suvoriv discard them altogether. Some deputies needed a week, others as much as twelve days to reach the capital.

The army was in chaos by the purges in and from its terrible showing versus Finland.