Growing up in Pakistan, Ibn Warraq ‘learned to read the Koran in Arabic without Apostasy – the leaving of Islam – is a crime potentially punishable by death. Reasons For Leaving Islam: Islam On Trial. Reasons For Leaving Islam: Islam On Trial Textual Evidence From Original Muslim Arabic Sources. In Leaving Islam, Ibn Warraq has assembled a compelling list of writings from individuals of Muslim birth who renounced their faith. It serves as a.

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Faazy Faiz rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Each time they are exposed to a shocking statement in the Koran or a leaaving act performed by Muhammad, they retreat in denial.

Ex-Muslim atheists are becoming more outspoken, but tolerance is still rare”.

Leaving Islam

Jeff rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Leaving Islam and Living Islam. May 29, Badger rated it it was amazing Shelves: Through philosoph Some of the reasons why apostates were expelled, stoned, lynched and venerated by their fellow Muslims An Iranian Girlhood and Islamic Barbarism.

By contrast, in Islam apostasy is still viewed as an almost unthinkable act, and in orthodox circles it is considered a crime punishable by death. These former Muslims, from all parts of the Islamic world, recount how they slowly came to realize that the ibnn into which they were born was in many respects unbelievable and sometimes even dangerous.

In denial you are not going to be hurt, everything is okay; warrxq is fine.


There is no heaven or hell. The name refers to 9th century skeptical scholar Muhammad al Warraq. What was also revealing was the number of stories where people “learnt to read the Koran” but in fact had no idea of its contents because they read wareaq in Arabic and so could say the words, bu What is heart breaking about these stories is the fear that can be heard in almost every voice. Also the pseudo-scholarship and shoddy selective use of sources was quite revealing as to the mind set of this “ibn warraq” not his real name character.

There are a significant number of typos, and a few references to the Qur’an and the ahadith which need to be referenced. By contrast, In the West abandoning one’s religion apostasy can be a difficult, emotional decision, which sometimes has social repercussions.

Defying the death penalty applicable to all apostates in Islam, the ex-Muslims who are here represented feel it is their duty to speak up against their former faith, to tell the truth about the fastest growing religion in the world.

The New York Review of Books commented that Leaving Islam is “probably the first book of its kind — a compendium of testimonies from former Muslims about their estrangement from leavibg Islamic sarraq. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Prometheus Books- Religion – pages. Aria rated it it was amazing Oct 19, Books by Ibn Warraq.

Leaving Islam: Apostates Speak Out – Google Books

Retrieved 4 March By contrast, in Leafing apostasy is still viewed as an almost unthinkable act, and in orthodox circles it is considered a crime punishable by death. Selected pages Title Page. Retrieved 21 March He calls this a clarion call to the free world about the dangers of Islam from an “insider.


Islamic Terrorism and the Genocide in Bangladesh. Both positions seem pretty extreme to me Al-Razi One could live in an orderly society without being terrorized by religious law or coerced by the prophets.

Renowned scholar of Islamic Studies Bernard Lewis described the seriousness of leaving the Islamic faith in the following dire terms: In a similar book, The Apostates: Trivia About Leaving Islam: Darnell rated it really liked it Jun 21, Although Warraq does discuss a few such cases in the book, Mulder criticised Warraq’s website for featuring only ex-Muslim atheists and agnostics’ excerpts from the book, and none from people who left Islam for another religion: Excellent book with a great list of internet sites featuring testimonies of recovering Muslims.

Ali Tanveer rated it did not like it Dec 11, Warraq adopted the pseudonym in when he completed his first book, entitled “Why I Am Not a Muslim”. Koran is inferior piece of work from the literary point of view, since it is neither clear or comprehensible nor of any practical value, therefore certainly not a revealed book. When Muslims Leave Islam.