The Hypomanic Edge has ratings and 25 reviews. Sandy said: READ THIS BOOK! The content of this book was no surprise to me. A first generation immig. The Hypomanic Entrepreneur. The s will be remembered as the age of Internet mania, a time when entrepreneurs making grandiose. THE HYPOMANIC EDGE: The Bipolar Disorder That Made America the Most Successful Nation in the World. John Gartner, Author.

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So could all his business buddies. Christopher Rdge discovered America; prophets such as John Winthrop, Roger Williams, and William Penn populated it; Alexander Hamilton was one of a handful of men who conceived its national future and economic potential; Andrew Carnegie sparked an industrial revolution that led to mass production; the Selznick and Mayer families helped create Hollywood, usher in the age of mass media, and portray a national self-image; and Craig Venter cracked our genetic code, the implications of which are only beginning to be fathomed.

The Hypomanic Edge

Europe is in the middle, in both its rate of immigrant absorption and its rate of mania. Join our mailing list! Get our latest book recommendations, author news, and competitions right to your inbox. Feb 02, Vasco rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fun book about America’s DNA. Hypomani the s, I was paying attention to such behavior because I was planning to write a book about religious movements started by manic prophets. Though the numbers may be more complex, the same principles may apply: In his search jypomanic the stimulation of the “new new thing,” he quickly loses interest in the companies he founds and tosses them into the laps of his bewildered employees.

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Moreover, the magnitude of these differences is large. Refresh and try dege.

People who are highly energized, and also in most cases psychotic, do bizarre things that are dangerous, frightening, and disruptive. In that decade, when every American college student wanted to found the next Yahoo! Hypomanics are brimming with infectious energy, irrational confidence, and really big ideas. All of the entrepreneurs agreed that the overall description was accurate, and they endorsed all the hypomanic traits, with the exceptions of “paranoia” and “sexual acting out” these traits in particular are viewed as very negative and thus may be more difficult to admit to.


But the work is solid; sharper writing would have given it another star, but I still recommend it, given that caveat, to anyone. Manic episodes almost always end in hospitalization. To show America’s development through a kind of time-lapse photography, I searched for people from each century of our five-hundred-year history who played a leading role in America’s growth, especially her economic growth.

Excessive involvement in pleasurable activities that have a high potential for painful consequences e. Captains Outrageous America has been good to hypomanics — a land of opportunity that has liberated their energies and lifted their spirits. Gartner’s book is packed with information about fascinating leaders that have played a major role in America’s history.

It led me to some other things I want to read and research. These men were outrageous — arrogant, provocative, unconventional, and unpredictable. Inflated hypmanic or grandiosity 2. May 28, Madhur Ahuja rated it liked it Shelves: A single sickle gene greatly enhances resistance to malaria, a deadly disease prevalent in Africa.

This couldn’t be chance. Their stories are inspiring, comical, and sometimes tragic, as the hubris that fueled their improbable rise often led to their fall as well. In this provocative and interesting book, John Gartner explores that theory with vivid case studies and an expert’s understanding edye clinical psychology. Describes the characteristics of these people and how they are able to work seemingly unrelentingly.


Far more often, people inherit only a single sickle gene from one parent; epidemiologists call these people “carriers” because they carry the gene without manifesting the illness.

Media Coverage The reviews section has a growing sampling of the amazing news coverage The Hypomanic Edge is receiving in the National Press. Because they are “constantly driven to participate in commerce and industry,” Americans, who make up only 5 percent of the world’s population, account for 31 percent of its economic activity. What goes up can stay up.

Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity 2. Rest is the useless biography of the people having this disorder.

THE HYPOMANIC EDGE: The Bipolar Disorder That Made America the Most Successful Nation in the World

This is the characteristic that most distinguishes the American people from all others,” wrote Tocqueville in Democracy in America. Htpomanic our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

That’s what really set him apart. The myth of the artist writer, poet, musician, etc. He beat my time. He is widely published in scholarly journals and books, and his work has also appeared in the Baltimore Sun and Talk magazine. Gartner has captured the latter form hypomani writing quite handily in The Hypomanic Edge. John Gartner tells the story with gripping detail and a clinician’s authority.