A link to a dictionary of NON-CANON Huttese terms For those of us who think Star Wars is real (like me), the Huttese language is taken from its namesake, the . Huttese was the language spoken by the Hutts, a slug-like species who called Nal Hutta their homeworld. It was also commonly spoken on Hutt-controlled. This wiki is dedicated to providing all Star Wars fans a complete, working Huttese grammar and dictionary! There have been many attempts at a Huttese.

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Star Wars, Episode IV: Stupa stoo pah n.

Punchee pun chee n. Tips Huttese is loosely based on Quechua, a Peruvian language. I have spent many a time wondering about how to take Huttese as a language similar to our own, not just english but any basic european language, and assign it with certain grammatical similarities dictiobary word order and I have found that it is very difficult.

Huttese Nouns

I have 30 luto body fat. I think the word ‘with’ is used in different instances, like perhaps if you use ‘with’ before one type of noun it is ‘con’, and if you use it before another type of noun it is ‘gee’ or what have you.


Huttese Nouns edited by Dictionady Summary: Pushee poosh ee v. Which hopefully it does! Going go ing v. Its ancient origins [as noted above] can be traced to the Hutts on their native planet Varl; the Baobab Archives have uncovered tablets in archaeological diggings on dictionwry moons of Varl showing ransom notes written in ancient Huttese at least 1, years ago.

Get to know a few nouns that might come up in everyday conversation on Tatooine, such as: Wontahumpa won tah hum pah n.

For example, “outman” which means ‘outlander’ is a combination of the words ‘out’ and dictjonary which are very familiar to us and puts in our mind the vision of a man that is from the outside, an ‘outman’ or ‘outmian. Engines en jinz n. Classic klass ick n. Here you will find: Teesaw tee saw n.

Moulee rah moolee rah n. Anakin Skywalker, a human boy, speaks it fluently with his Toydarian master Watto, as well as with the “expecially dangerous dug called Sebulba. Yafulkee yah full kee n.


The first word is ‘tuta. Thanks for letting us know.

The Complete Wermo’s Guide to Huttese (and other Star Wars languages)

Scuzzi skuz zee n. This difference has led to confusion especially when dealing with price and negotiation values. Learn some Huttese verbs, such as: Nuisance noo sunce n. The Clone Wars film Star Wars: Some words picked out of phonetically transcribed dialogue hutgese video games, etc. Dessert dee zurt n.

Huttese Dictionary? | Jedi Council Forums

Credit kred it n. Please contact me if you have the correct spellings. Brain damage brayne dam uj n. I need newpa pachee to fix my bota.

Doompa doom pah adj.