Hassam-Ul-Haramain Urdu: Book + Taqreezat (Urdu + Arabic) (By Nooria Razwia Publishing Company). Hassam Ul Haramain Bma Taqreezat. Hassam ul Haramain This is the english translation to Hassam ul. Husamul Haramain (Ḥusām al-Haramayn) or Husam al Harmain , is a treatise written by Ahmad Raza Khan ( ) which declared the founders of Deobandi, Ahle Hadith and Ahmadiyya movement as heretics. The treatise is published in Arabic, Urdu, English, Turkish and in Hindi Taqweeyat-ul Imaan” by Ismaeel Dehlwi; “Seerate Mustaqeem” by Ismaeel.

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Naziriah is attributed to Nazir Hussain Dehlavi.

Retrieved from ” https: It is our act of attaining spiritual benefit. We have helped his religion. Imam Ghazali has rightly said about these factions that if the king of Islam assassinates one of these vicious factions, it wifi be better than the killing of thousands of unbelievers, because such vicious factions are more injurious. He may reach such a station, which may be visible to all the believers of the world.

Husamul Haramain

I bear witness that there is no deity except Allah, He is the one, without partner, singular in His being. Al Bakurat ul Janniah was one of his good writings Blessing and peace also be upon his inmates and companions, who perished the ignorance and maintained rectitude and certainty. All praises are for Allah, Who is the High and the Dominant He has hammered the machination of the unbelievers and His name remained always prosperous.

The illustrious erudite has foiled the machinations of this astray faction. This eulogy was written by a practising scholar and an erudite of perfection Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Al-Khayyat may Allah guide him to the straight path. Allah, the Exalted, may keep this moon of happiness shining in the firmament of Shariah and provide him the opportunity to do the desirable things.


He granted knowledge of unseen to His apostles choosing them from the entire engglish. He is such a great and illustrious scholar, who is pride of the past and the present era.

Then he concealed his blasphemy with the apprehension of fear of the Muslims and said: He has, indeed, illuminated the miracle of arguments and has, without any suspicion, illuminated the secrets of rhetorics.

In this band, there are some persons, who left the religion at length. He was the head of a department in judiciary in Ottoman reign, while under Hashmites he was deputy minister of education and member of shura and senate subsequently.

Husamul Haramain – Wikipedia

englosh Desire of being buried in Madina made him an immigrant to it. For detailed account of Muhammad Saleh see, al Ijazat ul Matinah, p. He could not come to his native city for several years. His works are more than two hundred.

Husam-ul-Haramayn in English

Harwmain is written in husssm that he, who lessens the glory of the Prophet blessings of Allah be upon him, upon his inmates and companions he is liable to the assassination”. Allah may send blessings upon him, upon his inmates, upon his companions, who accepted the faith surpassing us. I assert that he is a revivalist of this century. He was teacher of the author of Nashar al Nur He also hammered the brains of astray people.

During this period, he prepared a draft document entitled “Al Motamad Al Mustanad” The Reliable Proofs in which he argued against opinions of founders of DeobandiAhle Hadith and Ahmadiyya movement for presentation to his contemporaries in Hussamm and Medina.

He had been Mufti Malikiya during Ottoman and Hashmite rule. They are apostate and have gone out of the pale of religion. The choicest blessings of Allah be upon our master and chief Muhammad A in abundance, upon his inmates and companions and countless salutations. His good deeds are numerous.


I have found therein that our benefactor and an ocean of understanding Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Reza ,Khan, has collected together the ideas of the mischief-mongers, who have gone out of the pale of religion.

I have seen that their beliefs are actually blasphemous as the great scholar and courageous erudite has pointed out. I bear witness to the Bond, who always propounded Unity of Allah and made the Oneness, the necklace of his neck during his life. This book is lying before me.

Now it needs that we may mention some of the wretched persons notorious in our cities and times and their heart-rending calamities, and darkness heaped on one another. For Allah guides not people given to wrong-doing”. Maulana also wrote some books which gained public fame.

May Allah forgive him, his parents, englieh divines, friends and belittle his enemies and enemies bearing malevolence in their hearts. Some of them are, who openly uttered blasphemous words against the sanctity of the Lord of the Worlds through false interpretation. Its author is the phoenix of the time and an epitome of day and night.

They start becoming nigher to them and lose their faith being defrauded by their secret beliefs and ideologies.