Prone Shoulder Extension with External Rotation. Set shoulder blade as in #1. Turn palm toward floor. Bring arm away from floor to your side. Hold 5 seconds. Written by: Cindy Brantley, Lori Howard, and Jay Thompson. Hughston exercises # Rotator Cuff Exercises Positioning and technique: Lay prone (on your. Pinner days “Wow I just did this because my carpel tunnel was hurting and it worked!” Health And Fitness: Finger & Wrist Stretch Exercise – I have HORRIBLE .

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Hughston Exercises for the Shoulder

The athlete should then decrease repetitions to Punches Positioning and Technique Can be performed standing using tubing or supine on table while holding a medicine ball or cuff weight.

Prospective or signed players can begin this program prior to arrival at VSU. Slowly and with control return to the starting position of PART 1.

Each week, increase repetitions by 5. Once the athlete can perform 60 continuous repetitions with no weight, a one pound weight may be added. Hughson raises with thumb pointed towards head: Choose from a category below.

Shoulder Strengthening Program

When the athlete is comfortable with three sets of 15, add resistance by increasing the tension on the tubing and start the cycle over one set of 5, after one week increase to one set of 10, each week increase exerciees one set of 10, when three sets of 10 are reached, increase to three sets exercsies 12, until three sets of 15 are reached.


Exercise Shape Created with Sketch. Not only will it enhance performance in their sport, it will help build and maintain strength of the rotator cuff muscles and decrease the chance of injury. At two sets of 15, begin a third set of 5, and so on. Abduction with thumb pointed towards head: Starting with the arm beside the body, bring the arm straight out in front of you until the arm is parallel with the floor.

Set up- Athlete is seated with elbow bent to 90 degrees resting on table or like surface.

Once three sets of 20 are reached, increase tension on the tubing to add resistance. Your palm should be hugheton forward with your thumb away from your body. Lastly, attention should be paid to appropriately scheduling Hughston exercises around competition. Start with 3 sets of 15 reps As 3 x 15 becomes highston progress to 3 x 20 Next move hand down to mid handle of the bat and decrease reps to Externally rotate like cocking to throw a ball. Start with 3 sets of 15 reps. Each exercise requires the same starting position: Amount of Plyometric Exercise Per Week.

How many and when to progress: Arm raises with thumb pointed up: Begin with three sets of Hugbston these athletes, it is imperative that they perform Hughston exercises. Once three sets of 15 have been reached, add 10 repetitions to each set three sets of 25, etc.


Make sure you start with palm completely up and finish with exerciaes completely down. When comfortable, add a second set of 5 to the first set of 15 one set of 15, one set of 5.

Start with 10 repetitions and no weight Each week, increase repetitions by 10 Once the athlete can perform 60 continuous repetitions with no weight, a one pound weight may be exervises.

This shoulder strengthening program is intended for current and prospective VSU baseball pitchers and catchers to use as a maintenance strengthening tool.

Hughston Exercises for Shoulder – CyberPT Physical Therapy Forum

Slowly turn hand palm down. Progress back to 3 x For each exercise, the top position should be held for two to three seconds before slowly lowering to starting position.

Empty can-Starting with the arm at the side and the thumb pointing down, bring the arm up at a 45 degree angle, until the arm is parallel with the floor. Therefore, the “push yourself” mentality can be very dangerous when going through a Hughston routine. You do not progress to 6 sets of 10 reps. It is not uncommon for baseball, softball and volleyball athletes to complain of pain, due to soft tissue or bone damage.

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