OptiX OSN Multi-Service CPE Optical Transmission System Instructions and Precautions for Handling Boards CAUTION Do not hold a. Huawei document of optiX configuration manual. is a Leading Huawei optical transmission product supplier. Founded by ex-Huawei. Huawei OptiX OSN MPLS-TP for Highly Efficient and Highly Available. Packet Transport. Guaranteed Performance from end-to-end committed bandwidth.

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All typical auxiliary packages are not delivered or used. Optical modules must be separately quoted.

Provided in the following conditions: Configuring partConfigure one piece for each cabinet that house only case-shaped equipment. If a single power cable is quoted independently, the power terminal is not configured by default. Configuration PrinciplesThe chassis is selected based on requirements for power supply systems and heat dissipation. When quoting V1R2, select typical configurations with preference.

These items are quoted independently. The functional board is available in multiple types depending on the functions and access capacities required for the OptiX OSN The DC-power and air-cooling chassis has a filler panel but not a fan board installed in its fan slot.


Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. By default, only PGND ons are delivered. Two ohm or ohm 21xE1 power cables are quoted.

OSN VRC01 Configuration Guide (Packet Transport Domain) 02 – Huawei

This solution evolves based on the service changes that take place due to radio mobile network evolution. Configure one Huawel port license for each optical module. One F2 serial port cable assembled on site part number: Slot 3 or slot 4Configuration PrinciplesSelect an appropriate board based on the valid slot and port impedance. One ohm E1 cable, four optical fibers, and one meter network cable are quoted.

Choose the required optical modules from the appropriate optical module collections. Pricing partThis item is sold only to the Chinese market, and configured based on the typical configuration. One large-sized label consists of 30 small-sized labels. System control and communications board slot area: Otherwise AXK is the engineering survey item. Configuring partConfigure one piece for 32xE1 services.

A maximum of two small form-factor pluggable SFP modules are supported. Contact For Free Shipping.


Only for the region except India. Published on Nov View Download 6. Otherwise AXH is the engineering survey item.

Optical modules can be separately quoted or combine quoted. One meter network cable is quoted. Adhere to the following configuration principles: The 2-m ground cable is concluded in the auxilliary material package.

The solution improves based on the service changes that take place due optxi radio mobile network evolution.

OptiX OSN 500

Our products mainly covers the optical signal transmission and access, signal transmission and access, photoelectric signal conversion and photoelectric signal and so on. All other trademarks and trade names mentioned in this document are the property of their respective holders.

The sales of the TNH1 board are controlled.

For details, see the associated boards. Added the TNH2 board.