Many posts in internet says that HttpPostedFileBase is a read only and we cannot change the content type. Can anybody let me know how we. Just make sure you derive your custom attribute class from the ValidationAttribute base class and apply it to HttpPostedFileBase properties in. The HttpPostedFileBase is created to substitute HttpPostedFile in MVC .. For example, to return a pdf file from the server the Content-Type.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The MVC framework is designed in such a way that these two components are loosely coupled and hence a binder don’t need to worry about which value provider it has to interact to get the value for a property or parameter likewise a value provider don’t need to worry about who is asking the value.

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We saw how we can apply validations to the POSTed files easily using view models.

Content Type / File Extension How can I do this in MVC? | The Forums

httppostsdfilebase What else do you usually check when you validate the uploaded files? Thaks – I have changed the foreach to: Returning files through action results 7. Solved concerna javascript snippet to check extension, and then do some editing to disable button like: We can use our FileStringResult as shown in the below action. The POSTed file s are available as parameters directly in actions through model binding.


How to change the content type of httppostedfilebase?

Or you can check it on client side thru html attribute ‘accept’ to filter the file asap: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You can see the complete code of FileContentResult here.

How to return a file as response? We can even pass a file download name to the Contennttype. The size of each chunk is 4KB httppostedfilebqse this can’t be changed through code or config.

It’s NOT supposed to be a repeat of your question. Beware, user can still change filetye to “All files”, with this in mind, better check this:. Thanks for all the readers who pointed out the contfnttype and typos in the article. One of the beauties of ASP.

File upload validation in ASP.NET MVC

Just add the [Attachment] attribute to the appropriate properties of the model, and your validation errors will land in the ModelState. This site uses cookies. If your app allows uploading different files contemttype different pages, you can create an enum for the different file types and pass that enum to the constructor of the AttachmentAttribute. If it fails then generate the header value based on RFC from its own methods.


File upload validation in MVC | I learned it. I share it.

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Add your solution here. The model binding feature relies on two types of components binders and value providers. Is any file httplostedfilebase Lets create a view model that wraps HttpPostedFileBase as a property which is decorated with data annotation attributes.

This is an abstract class derived from ActionResult that delegates writing the file in the response to the subclasses.

Stack Overflow works best htttppostedfilebase JavaScript enabled. Uploading and returning files in an ASP. Sometimes you also have to check: Existing Members Sign in to your account.