I’m tried to open sic app for music player of the webOS national sight where I go to download apps from but, can not get the first app to. ” cannot open mime type” comes up everything I try to install. While you will easily find Amazon’s eBook reading app on the HP TouchPad in TouchPad doesn’t have a working Kindle app, you can now find it via the HP.

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***The Official HP TouchPad Thread***

However, in this case it slides me all the way to the far-left browser card and brings it up. Those of you who have tried and installed Kindle on your TouchPad, how often do you find that you use the app?

How can I help you today? Posted on Aug 19, Be the first to answer. I remember there being demos on the HP TouchPad website about their reading apps, so I go there to see if I can find something. I am a bit surprised by the conclusion I ended up with. I’m really hoping for a better ebook reader, like stanza or good reader to be ported across to the webOS.

Does the charger that comes with the Touchpad or Touchstone work abroad?

Diary of a TouchPad Owner – Shawn Blanc

Realistically, of course, devices can end up anywhere in the world thanks to Internet shopping and general gift buying. Nope, Spaz HD is still the only one. Amazon KindleWeb OS. I’m in the US.

Posted on Nov 13, Be the first to answer. The lady in Walmart electronics had no clue what I was talking about.

Sep 15, at 4: I held down the lock and home buttons and it forced a reboot. It is possible that no application exists for the type of content you are trying to access.


I looked around the display but did not see any TouchPad boxes available to pick up and purchase.

Diary of a TouchPad Owner

This is a tool that allows the testing of unapproved applications on webOS devices such as the HP TouchPad, and requires you to have Java installed on your computer available from here.

Wednesday, July 6, 8: The background turned to a grey slate, all my open apps went away, all my downloaded apps that were in the Launcher disappeared, and certain bits of functionality stopped working. Kindle isn’t typpe favourite app though as the method for loading your existing ebooks is prohibitive unless you upload them to the cloud server.

Apr 13, Posts: Immediately after starting the download, I receive the the following error: No, create an account now.

Is it as good as expected or comparable to versions of the app found touhpad other platforms? Message 67 of I assume this blank notification has something to do with alerting me that there are a whole lot of apps open and I should do something about it. The second-half of this review may come across as more caffeinated than I originally anticipated.

Message 68 of I just crashed webOS. Sep 16, at 3: I can not figure out how to power down the device. Stay informed by joining our newsletter!

Jun 14, Posts: The installation tpe was quite useful for Non US folks. One thing I do like about this notification is tochpad I can continue to use the TouchPad even while the notification is showing.

Tap to launch and enter your credentials or register to continue. Recent Popular Answered Unanswered. Posted on Oct 20, Be the first to answer. Any one have problems with BBC Iplayer, I can watch a normal programme but when I need to tick that I’m over 18 I cant see the box, it just goes out of focus, I can see it when I swipe up and down but can’t click it.


Cannot open MIME type – Page 7 – HP Support Community –

I didn’t use Kindle until I got a Touchpad and can’t comment on how it compares but I can tell you what it can do.

The Best Buy employee returns with our TouchPads. Will one of the HP representatives please help me to resolve my problem? Posted on Aug 15, Be the first to answer. Thanks so much and I’m looking ahead to touch you. You can use the free ebook management software, Calibre, and convert the PDF and send to the Touchpad as a Kindle book. If you have a question create a new topic by clicking here and select the appropriate board.

It still does not appear in the search results when trying to find it in the App Catalog. However, for the sake of science, I feel that I must. I have a gut feeling that it will be a poorly rendered PDF version of the magazine, and that navigating and reading it on the TouchPad will be more maddening than entertaining.

The first thing you should do is head to this link and download the Kindle.