How to Ravish a Rake. Buy This Book. I have enjoyed reading Vicky Dreiling in the past. I like her sense of humour, which extends to her. How to Ravish a Rake by Vicky Dreiling Amy Hardwicke realizes that this is probably her last season and the last opportunity to find a husband. SCANDALOUS DESIRES Amy Hardwick has one last Season to shake off her wallflower image and make a love match. If she can’t, she’ll set aside her.

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Amy is the one girl who doesn’t fall for Will’s charm and Will has always liked a challenge. He hwo into a gambling debt and his friends suggest that he seduce and marry Amy for her fortune so he can pay off his debt.

How to Ravish a Rake

Vicky Dreiling has done it again. It was a breath of fresh air to read that the couple recognized that they had to be together and instead the wedge was a secret that howw potentially destroy each other’s tender trust. I found the progression of their relationship to feel real and I enjoyed watching it unfold. After feeling that none of the fashionable gowns ever raks her look fashionable, Amy decides to figure out why. Another great book from Vicky. Will is like many overlooked children where any attention, even for bad behavior, is welcome.

I feel like the first pages were more about Amy and Will separately, than about Amy and Will together.

Suzanna Gill Review Date: It davish fascinating to me that one wrong word or gesture could have greater meaning than intended. But I must acknowledge that the ending felt a bit abrupt and I would have liked a few more pages to take me into their HEA.


And her friends are a really great part of the story. She had me dying with laughter. Will has found himself in financial trouble due to a bad night of cards. Will really takes that advice to heart and makes the most out of his situation with Amy. I loved every page I read and did not want it to end. Amy Hardwick is a wallflower looking to shrug off that image during her last Season in London.

Mar 29, Katie rated it really liked it. I loved them individually as well together Will is very charming and I loved his humor and I fell in love with him. So step on it Vicky! This is an absolutely wonderful book! I found myself laughing out loud several times. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Unlike other stories where both the heroine and hero have to go through extreme emotional upheaval to grow, Will and Amy gradually work their way through their problems.

Where the book gets really strange is when they’re trying to be in a ‘dating’ relationship, and then there’s a weird subplot where Amy is getting paid for dress designs and then ANOTHER subplot Amy is trying to throw off her wallflower image. I also love that we were able to see more of Hester. Though there was a vulnerability that came from the change, she had the guts gake want to turn it around before giving in and settling for a suitor just for security as opposed to love.


Quotes from How to Ravish a Rake. I know at least one or two more characters that I want rsvish see a story on in the future Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. After returning home and getting a proposal from the Vicar, Mr. I’ve been hoping for one of the author’s books to live up to her debut, but it hasn’t happened yet. I won an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the author.

For the brief duration that Will is considering marrying an heiress, he notices Amy Hardwick and attempts to compromise her. Amy ro the type of tavish that many women can relate to.

How to Ravish a Rake (How To #3) by Vicky Dreiling

This is the first book that I have read by Vicky Dreiling, but it will not be my last. Mar 31, Lynelle rated it really liked it.

I think my fav of the series so far http: They are an adorable couple and I loved seeing ra,e together. I know I’m going to be checking out the rest of the books in this series as soon as I can: The banter between the two was good though I would have like more of it. You can read it as a stand-alone. So, as you can probably guess, I really enjoyed How to Ravish a Rake!