Editorial Reviews. Review. “Honor Student is a fast paced erotica based on an unlikely couple Honor Student (Honor Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by Teresa Mummert. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Emma lives a very self-destructive life, barely making her way through college. Her world is turned upside down after meeting Mr. Honor, her new history teacher . Buy a cheap copy of Honor Student book by Teresa Mummert. **Contains adult content. Not suitable for under 18 yrs.**Honor Student (Honor Series) book 1.

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I didn’t know what to expect from this book at first because I didn’t read the description of the book It was a quick read with hot parts. The author clearly has no idea about how things are in college vs high school.

The setting, plot, and characters are completely incongruent and contradict each other. Well in some things I felt the story a bit too rushed and there is almost an expectation for the reader to fill in the blanks by themselves. These were great quick reads that had enough tetesa stuff and a good story line to keep you interested. Emma was disconnected and sad without true sense in her life- her relationship with her aunt was disappointing and lacking. Not even bothering to rate it He is an ass from the beginning, doesn’t let up, doesn’t remotely stusent like he even likes her for more than a tefesa play toy, tells her shudent front he is going to hurt her, not emotionally, although he does that toobut physically.

The book has some serious editing issuesbut I loved the story so I’m completely over looking that!! He smiled and my heart had completely given up. I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoyed 50 shades of grey and likes a love story with suspense and some BDSM in it. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.


I never want this series to end!! You just want to know what is going on in that beautiful head of his.

William and Emma are two really bruised souls who find solace in each other. Her parents died in a horrific car accident. Books by Teresa Mummert.

English Choose a language for shopping. Honor does when mummeft isn’t with Emma is jaw dropping. He licked his lips in that incredibly sexy way he does before breaking eye contact with me and shuffling through papers on his desk. And he was slamming shots when they had sex for the first time and she was a virgin!!! Claire lit the joint and passed it to Becka just as she coughed and sputtered. It still gets 4 stars studdnt there are 2 more: I kept trying to tell myself that Emma was in high school and that would help my pet peeves but it really didn’t.

Then it’s more time at Mr.

Honor (Honor, #) by Teresa Mummert

They have been “dating” for about 3 days and half that time William is ignoring Emma, or he’s glaring at her, or he’s yelling at her, or he’s telling her to stay away from him, but then he tells her he loves her more than anything – 3 days. Nothing is written that will give away the point of the story or any significant details to ruin the story.

Next AM he shows up at her door and asks: Now I’ve been in college for quite some time, feresa have transferred between a couple. I’m glad she didn’t let him bully her.


Honor Student

I spent most of my free time reading. He has some serious problems that needs to be handled. William as described was HOT and Emma studnt she was a girl. He let go off my arm and I trailed behind him as he walked to th Bad. It was time for Mr. No trivia or quizzes yet. I can not wait for the third book in this series.

Some of the things they used in his playroom were hard to imagine. Well in some things I felt the story a bit too rushed and there is almost an expectation for the reader to fill in the blanks by themselves. I grabbed my books and headed for my car to grab my history book that I had forgotten.

From having to “check in” with her aunt and the way the college atmosphere is described what college professor cares if you go to your next class or not, or terrsa on the ladies restroom to make sure no ones skipping class I started thinking maybe the author made an error and really Emma was a 17 year old high school senior He asks her to stay and then he throws her out of his apartment, and at night.

Honor Student (Honor, #1) by Teresa Mummert

All of this I could have overlooked- except for the fact that it sounds like it has been written by a kid who is failing English. Emma is a student, her teacher is replaced by Mr. Jul 10, Mya A.