The letter was subtitled “Homosexualitatis problema”. In it, and to the surprise of many Catholics, Ratzinger said that Homosexual acts are sinful. “Homosexualitatis Problema” concludes with two wonderful verses from Scripture : “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (Jn. One of the nastier tricks of Vatican rhetoric, especially as displayed in “ Homosexualitatis Problema”, is the uneven manner in which (approved).

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Quae deterior condicio ob peccatum inducta augeri pergit in historia hominum Sodomae cfr. In legum rogationibus aestimandis, quae forte fieri eveniant, in primis studium ponendum erit, ut familiaris vitae consortium defendatur ac promoveatur. Philipp Neri – Homosexualitagis.

The issue of homosexuality and the moral evaluation of homosexual acts have increasingly become a matter of public debate, even in Catholic circles.

Excluded From God’s People: The Problem with “Homosexualitatis Problema”

The tales that we tell, he says, deserve to be taken seriously, as sacred texts. Hoc permota spiritu, Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei has litteras ad vos dirigit, Episcopos Catholicae Ecclesiae universae, fore confisa, ut vobis adiumento sint in pastorali praestanda cura iis, quorum dolores fallacibus doctrinis solummodo ingravescunt, dum verbo veritatis leniri possunt. There are areas in which it is not unjust discrimination to take sexual orientation into account, for example, in the placement of children for adoption or foster care, in employment of teachers or athletic coaches, and in military recruitment.

Indeed they are, and telling and sharing our stories are sacramental acts. That Cross, for the believer, is a fruitful sacrifice since from that death come life and redemption. Add a review and share homosexualitztis thoughts with other readers. In Genesis 3, we find that this truth about persons being an image of God has been homoseualitatis by original sin. The community of faith today, in unbroken continuity with the Jewish and Christian communities within which the ancient Scriptures were written, continues to be nourished by those same Scriptures and by the Spirit of Truth whose Word they are.


Doctrina theologica de creatione, quae in libro Genesis continetur, elementa fundamentalia suppeditat ad recte solvenda problemata, quae homosexualitatis causa in medio ponuntur. Hac de causa, ipsa propensio obiective inordinata est iudicanda. Feast of the Miraculous Medal 4 weeks ago. Deus, pro sua infinita sapientia et omnipotenti amore, res omnes ad exsistendum vocat, quae in se Eius referant bonitatem.

What of those who have attempted to live fully within church teaching?

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Both Feet Firmly Planted in Midair. There is an important distinction between “faith”, which refers to belief and a relationship with the divine, and “religion”, which refers primarily to the human structures which support it, with their rules, rituals, and clerical castes.

The characteristic concern and good will exhibited by many clergy and religious in their pastoral care for homosexual persons is admirable, and, we hope, will not diminish.

Such initiatives, even where they seem more directed toward support of basic civil rights than condonement of homosexual activity or a homosexual lifestyle, may in fact have a negative impact on the family and society. Retrieved from ” https: Haec enim programmata optimum suppeditant contextum, in cuius ambitu quaestio quoque de homosexualitate pertractari potest.

Solummodo igitur intra huius doctrinae contextum clare intellegi potest, quonam sensu factum homosexualitatis, cum multiplicibus suis aspectibus et effectibus in societate et in vita ecclesiali, problema sit, quod proprie pertinet ad pastoralem Ecclesiae sollicitudinem.

Manual for Spiritual Warfare — Paul Thigpen 3 years ago. Scripturarum interpretatio, ut recte fieri possit, cum hac Traditione reapse congruere debet. I will be writing more on this shortly.


Selected Writings on Romano Guardini 11 years ago. Natale dietro homosexuxlitatis sbarre in Cina, per i martiri della libera stampa 2 days ago.

Homosexualitatis Problema | Queering the Church

Ipsi hoc munus singulari modo absolvunt, cum una cum Deo ad vitam transmittendam cooperantur per mutuam donationem coniugalem. Only what is true can ultimately be pastoral. Fundamentally, they are called to enact the will of God in their life by joining whatever sufferings and difficulties they experience in virtue of their condition to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross. The God who is at once truth and love calls the Church to minister to every man, woman and child with the pastoral solicitude of our compassionate Lord.

Since in the assessment of proposed legislation uppermost concern should be given to the responsibility to defend and promote family life cf. Revera iis etiam, qui propensione homosexuali affecti sunt, fundamentalis illa libertas agnoscenda est quae personam humanam distinguit eique propriam tribuit dignitatem.

Conatus fiunt ut sub catholicae religionis signo congregentur personae homosexuales, quae nullo modo mores suos homosexuales deserere volunt. All support should be withdrawn from any organizations which seek to undermine the teaching of the Church, which are ambiguous about it, or which neglect it entirely.

In Caelo et in Terra. But the proper reaction to crimes committed against homosexual persons should not be to claim pproblema the homosexual condition is not disordered.

The Lord Jesus promised, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” Jn. Solummodo id quod verum est, ad ultimum esse potest etiam pastorale.