In our last Lock Picking article on the SerePick Bogota Entry Toolset, a lot of people commented that they were unable to purchase Lock Picks. DIY Windshield Lock Picks. Lock picking is an Previously we demonstrated how to make your own pick out of a paperclip. Today, I’ll discuss. For instructions on how to make your own lockpicks from dinner knives (also incorrectly known as butter knives), check out wizwazzle’s part.

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The first thing to do if you homrmade to make lock picks is gather the materials. If you want to learn more moves, check out all of the other lockpicking guides here on WonderHowTo.

You’ll need some safety glasses, a dust mask, hearing protection, stainless steel knives, a bench grinder, files, and sandpaper.

This handle can be utilized to design and make lock picks. Also a spare allan wrench, to grind into a tension wrench. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Open a Door Lock Without a Key: Make lockpickw use a bump key to pick any lock How To: Pick a warded lock How To: Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.

How to Make a High Quality Lock Pick Out of an Ordinary Dinner Knife « Lock Picking :: WonderHowTo

For instructions on how to make your own lockpicks from dinner knives also incorrectly known as butter knivescheck out wizwazzle’s part video series below. Except you don’t necessarily want a huge one like that, unless you have a very fine sharpening stone.


You won’t need much, strong but thin metal, a grinder, hommemade filer, and perhaps lock pick templates. You can also use windshield wiper blades for tension wrenches huh?

When you are making lock picks with a grinder, be it a big axe sharpener or a little Dremel tool, always make sure to point the metal in the direction that the grinder is spinning. To pick locks, one must either have an expensive lock-picking set or be skilled with whatever they have available to them. Be sure to keep a steady hand, and don’t do too much at once. The most important of these items is the metal you choose.

Also, thick sheet metal can work too, if it’s of the right bendability or even better a hack saw blade, although these are a bit more expensive. The next thing you’ll need is a grinder, like the ones used to sharpen axes, hatchets, pick axes and the like.

Crack and open a combination lock How To: Just Use a Magnet How To: Click here to go to KingofSwords. How to make lock picks: They have a small piece of metal at the base of them which can be bent to form a perfect tension wrench.

How to make lock picks, homemade!

Actually, I believe that Lokpicks tools offer the best quality for the price. I recommend making the tension wrench first. Check it out, seriously. If you don’t mind, leave me a comment to let me know if this instruction helped. Signs like you see on the road have good, strong metal, if a little thick.


Simply flatten the short side of your allen wrench, to a couple millimeters thick, small enough to fit into a keyhole duh. Have any questions or want to share you experience? That is, if the grinder wheel is spinning down, make sure the metal is angled down, at about a 45 degree angle.

How to make lock picks, homemade! Totally impressed with this.

How to make lock picks, homemade lock picks

Pick a lock How To: Actually, you can use a filer for the entire process homemdae make your own lock picks, it will just take an eternity, but, if you have nothing better to do in hell I highly recommend purchasing a lock pick kit, I use South Ord; their metal is specially designed for the wear and tear specific to lock picks.

Keep in mind it will probably be even faster with the metal you use for your lock picks, as allen wrenches are quite strong metal. Use it after you have done the grinding, to fine tune and smooth your lock pick. They have the highest quality picks for the best price that I’ve seen. Go to a homemmade store and get a “beware of dog” sign or something, the lockpocks and stronger the better.