table and deal with the combined use of BFE 65 and KT x as KBF. Note please that the BFE . as part of the HOBBYMAT system. Fig. 6 shows the. Hobbymat BFE65 Milling Machine | Business, Office & Industrial, Metalworking/ Milling/Welding, Milling | eBay!. HOBBYMAT BFE 65 Bench top Milling machine converted to CNC control, includes DELL Optiflex GSX PC & Keyboard This has been a.

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Need Help! Hobbymat BFE65 Conversion – Gearing my Steppers?

Follow us on All times are GMT As I installed the scale right-way-up with the reading head at the topI felt I needed more protection for the scales than the yellow plastic strip that opens and closes around the head as it travels up and down the scale. BFE65 Milling Head fitted into a bracket on the rear of the bed and converted the lathe into a most useful milling and drilling machine. Closed down onto the column by two cap-head screws, the support casting employs a third screw acting to spring it open slightly to aid removal rather in the manner of the tailstock and carriage fitting to the bed.

Machining Bakelite is a bastard. I am glad I went for the higher-resolution version, as I can now know when the gibs are loose, and get early warning of when things are not going to plan. To keep the head in good working order regular greasing of the gears – and the selector forks – is vital. Skip to main content. If you’re primarily working with aluminums and mild steels, I would suggest that direct drive with your steppers may be appropriate.

New Machine Build- Steppers selection for optimized x3 conversion Gearing up for conversion Newbie- steppers for cnc fusion x2 conversion sherline mill conversion. The dent is visible just above the emery paper. If these screws are mishandled the block will be cracked – therefore any adjustment should be approached with caution.


Hobbymat / Prazi BFE65 mill

Next I cleaned up all the bits with petrol and a green scourer for non-way surfacescleaned the holes with a pipe cleaner and blew them out with compressed air. Mill head inserted and ready to make some chips: Your g-code will specify what speeds to move at. Run your numbers through this equation and see if you think you will have sufficient force direct.

Any other advise or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. I lathered hobbymat ways with way oil, then cleaned up the mess I had made… the leadscrews I hobbbymat with the same way oil.

Hobbymat BFE65 mill | bazmonaut

The head came hobbymaf a variety of hobybmat which made mounting it a doddle. I decided to place the X-axis scales behind the table, out of the way of the gib adjusting screws and X-axis stops.

As I say im a newbie to this so not sure if it’s realistic, but ideally I’d like to be able to put a xx75mm block of Steel or Aluminium vfe65 it.

Capacitive digital scales abandonded. The only thing that still stumps me is the length of the gib screws: I think what you need to do is determine if you NEED more cutting force at the expense of this rapid speed. I’m not familiar with your machine there I have been using the DRO almost daily for a year and a half, and wonder how I ever managed without them.

March Counting turns of a handwheel is error-prone, inefficient and… dull. This furry stuff is great — I can see lots of uses for it. Bottom view showing bracket connection to the reading head.

Should I be basing it on what I want the jog speed to bfs65, or max torque or pulses per inch? What do you plan to cut with this setup?

I got out my blade and emery paper again, and gently sanded away the raised parts. Handwheel installed, showing the index ring. Even if stopped and started several times the symptoms may not reappear so, if you are contemplating a used example, warm the miller up by running it for ten minutes on top speed and then do a stop-start test at least a dozen times on every speed.


It’s driving 5mm lead 16mm RM linearmotionbearing ballscrews.

The bits of fur poking through the slot are the draught excluder. I ordered them and they arrived about a week later dunno how they are managing this but delivery times from China are now one to two weeks, pretty impressive.

Lastly whatever I go for needs to be suitable for at home use, ie no 3 phase and not too loud when running. Even in these photos you can still see the machining marks.

I had already disassembled the table during the lathe rebuildfor ease of storage and also to clean the worst of the muck off most of the bits.

The dial is now difficult but not impossible to read, however I have not found this to be an issue, as I now have DROs! The seller tells me he has used it to cut Stainless, mild and hobbykat and it’s suitable hobbtmat these, does that sound right?

The display head comes with a number of functions. Wanting more spark in my life I decided to add DROs to the mill table. Basically just small stuff. Before and after pics, the second handwheel is ready to be chucked up and frustrate me.

One of the original handwheels — twiddle me not. Looking hobbjmat make small parts from Steel and Aluminium such as brake calliper mounting brackets, milling the faces of small steel plates up to xx10mm perfectly flat both sides and squaring up the sides, drilling up to 20mm thick plate, tapping holes, cutting slots and recesses into parts etc.

After some inspection and head scratching I realised that the surface rust was not on the gfe65, but instead on the other surface the not-way.