Historia om de nordiska folken, Volume 3. Front Cover. Olaus (Magnus, Archbishop of Uppsala). Almqvist & Wiksells boktr., i distribution, РFolklore. Historia om de nordiska folken. Front Cover. Olaus (Magnus, Archbishop of Uppsala). Gidlund, РScandinavia Рpages. Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken. Bok 4 РKapitel 5 РOm varubyte utan penningar. РUtgivnings̴r

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The man to the left is sewing together two boards on the port side. Behind him a heavily armed army. On the Law of Killing of Ravens. At the top a formidable forest of lances and a fleeing Danish cavalry. On the Terrible and Great War between the Swedes, led by Starkater, and the Danes In the right part of the woodcut Starkater leads the Swedish forces to victory with a lifted broadsword foljen one hand.

Note simple design of the table.

Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken –

If you click at the blue button below an illustration, it will be opened in a new window and in large size. The full moon in the sky symbolizes midwinter.

The evil brothers Skat and Hiall, two notorious virgin robbers, want to take her away from folmen father. You can see a sporting dog in the foreground and fleeing reindeers in the background. The Russians offer skins, butter?


Now Starkater persuades Hather to kill him. Book 5Ch.

On their backs they carry baskets with two children each. They are dressed in coats of fur.

A reindeer and a bird are seen among the high mountains fjell. To the left a Muscovite showing a false coin.

Below a man is sewing together sinews from reindeers outside a house. On the Martial Exercises of Starkater. To the right the heroic fighter Halfan, son of Karl, king hisoria Goths. Three men are building a boat. On the Death of Stakater. In the foreground Danish ships with broken masts. The woodcut shows four Laps of different ages practising archery. He is placed on a bear skin pulled by a horse.

He lived as long as three ordinary men together. King Ingell is sitting with a mistress under the trees foljen the right. Next a Lap in fur coat and with bow and arrow.

Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken

This Halfdan, to the right in the woodcut, was a Norwegian of royal family. We can see a crossbow, axe, knife, tongs, scissors and other tools, barrels, a metal jug etc. On Dangerous Journeys in the Mountains Fjells. On the Activities of the Historiq at Moonlight.


The Nordic people is offering dried pike fish, flour, axes, knives, scissors, cloth etc. When this is written, however, Sweden had converted to the Lutheran faith, a fact tolken the author naturally condemns.

All three carry a sword.

An old man wants to get down a steep snowy mountain side. A table is nordisak ready to the right and a man in the doorway is carrying a jug. At the left a man is out hunting.

In the middle a hunter with a crossbow that shows raven heads to the sheriff to the right. The woodcut illustrates the story tale how Starkater helped the Norwegian king Helge to fight against nine unjust fighters. Th is nirdiska graphics is presented in small size on this page.

Starkater is on his way to the Danish king Ingell. On Another Man with the Name Halfdan. He courted the Danish princess Giuritha who turned him away. The woodcut shows three warriors in suits of armour. Starkater is standing to the left with a broadsword over his shoulder.