The Hiraṇyagarbha Sūkta of the Rig Veda declares that God or Lord manifested Himself in the beginning as the Creator of the Universe, encompassing all. The hymn is known as hiranyagarbha sukta and presents an important glimpse of the emerging monism, or even monotheism, in the later Vedic. The translation of 10 mantras of Hiranyagarbha Sukta by Prof R L Kashyap is given below: In the beginning (agre) arose the golden seed(1); born, he was the .

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His shadow is immortality; death is also his shadow 3. May he do us no harm who is the parent of the -earth, or who the unerring support of the world begat the heaven, and who generated the vast and delightful waters. What was then like froth on the water became solidified; that was earth. Hiranyagabrha History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice.


He upheld this earth and Heaven 3. Vishnu has name, form and quality. The shining being in whom the whole universe lives in its dormant state.

These quarters are his arms 3. Before joining the conversation, please read and accept this Invitation to a Conversation.

H e in his might beheld energies waters 1bearing discernment daksha and gave birth to Yajna 2He was the sole God above adhi all the Gods 3. The manifested cosmos was correlated with the bodily self; the soul of the world, or Hiranyagarbha, with the vital self; and Isvara, or God as a self-conscious being, with the thinking self. Vishnu has name, form and quality. Brahman is self-born eternal.

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By knowing Him who alone pervades the universe, men become immortal. It is that to whom heaven and earth, placed in the light by his grace, look up, radiant with the mind eukta over them the sun, rising, brightly shines. Views Read Edit View history. Then Svayambhu entered in the egg.

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According to the Bhagavad gita, the Purusha enters the Prakriti and manifests the entire creation. Verse 9 Yajnavalkya said: In the beginning was the Divinity in his splendourmanifested as the sole Lord of land, skies, water, space and that beneath and He upheld the earth and the heavens. Size of this preview: When the mighty waters came, carrying the hiranyagarbha sukta germ, producing the flame of life, then dwelt there hiranyagadbha harmony the One Spirit of the Devas.

Hidanyagarbha objects this chanter, endowed with such knowledge, desires for himself or for the sacrificer, he obtains by his chanting.

He is vast and is hidden in the bodies of all living beings. Whom heaven and earth established by his pro- tection, and, shining brightly, regarded with their mind, in whom the risen sun shines forth.


May that be ours, for which our prayers rise, may we be masters of many treasures! This was the Supreme Seed of all creation, subtler than the subtlest, greater than the greatest, larger than the largest, and more magnificent than even the best of all things, more powerful, than even the wind and all the gods, more resplendent than the Sun and the Moon, and more internal than even the mind and the intellect. The recurring phrase in Hiranyagarbha.


Part of a series on. The way you hiranyagarbhha done word by word etymological analysis is superb. Verse 28 Whatever objects this chanter, endowed with such knowledge, desires for himself or for the sacrificer, he obtains by his chanting.

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Verse 11 But those wise men of tranquil minds who lives in the forest on shkta, practising penances appropriate to their stations of life and contemplating such deities as Hiranyagarbha, depart, freed from impurities, by the Path of the Sun, to the place where that immortal Person dwells whose nature is imperishable. When hiranuagarbha vast waters overspread the universe containing the germ and giving birth to Agni, then was produced the one breath of the gods, held the waters all around containing the creative power and giving birth masters of many treasures in harmony!

It is he who in his might surveyed the waters, conferring skill and creating worship-he, the God of Gods, the One and only One.

Readers hirnyagarbha find entire Hiranyagarbha Sukta posted and discussed in hiranyagzrbha link provided above. T hrough him heaven is forceful and earth firm 1 ; He supported world of Light svah and heaven naka 2.