HIMALAYAN. BLUNDER terlibas) Nam ngũ thit. AL. Thou. The angry truth about India’s nost crushing military disaster. Brig J.P. Dalvi. Foreword by Frank Moraes. Himalayan Blunder has ratings and 72 reviews. Anant said: Just finished Himalayan Blunders written by Brigadier John Dalvi. It was my first book on. This book was written by Brigadier John Parusharam Dalvi, the commander of the ill-fated 7th Indian Infantry Brigade, Indian Army. The motive.

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She did not join China which was directly involved in the war. We frittered away a large portion of our meagre resources without ensuring our security. Piecemeal raisings and ad-hoc appointments were sought and sanctioned from time to time – sometimes after bitter wrangling, and haggling. In those early days, few Indians had even heard of Ladakh or NEFA, and it might have been easy to gain advantages for ourselves and accommodate China in the process.

I make no apology’ for raising tins question as I consider it is a vital one for the future. Our politicians had not studied military history, nor did they have the humility to listen to tne advice of capable generals who had. In this part he also adds how Army generals were promoted to serve the interest of Nehru and Menon thus leaving a disarray in Army.

Full text of “Himalayan Blunder”

In the early years, their primary aim appeared to be to build strategic roads and airfields, and set up their communications to Sinkiang Province via Rudok, in Tibet. I am indebted to some civilian dapvi who helped me in producing this work, but who desire to remain anonymous. Khrushchev and Marshal Bulganin, in I have recounted this httlc story to illustrate my belief that the sending and maintenance of troops was the end of the exercise.


The so-called Azad Kashmir Forces, manning the Cease-Fire Line on the Pakistan-occupied side of Jammu and Kashmir, became a more effective fighting force, and one that could no longer be treated con- temptuously by the regular Indian Army.

They took the stand that the whole question would have to be studied de novo. So, literally nothing was done about our Northern Defences. Lhasa was the scene of a major clash. Ministers of the Crown, have made statements that might give you another impression.

We had to prove bounder weren’t brainwashed blunnder Chinese ideology. Same were the story of Gorkhas and Sikhs who fought with waves of thousands of Chinese who attacked there post.

The Untold Story by Lt. This period closed with some faint warning murmurs, which might have been heeded, but were not. Johnrecounted how Army was ignored and soldiers suffered pathetic condition with Brave Hearts. Dalvi, to inform him that the war had ended.

Himalayan Blunder – Wikipedia

Despite odd meetings between the Indian and Chinese Premiers, no final settlement was reached. Reading it has been a turbulent journey through the emotions of heart. By the time himlayan of the build up makes sense, the bounder is over and you’re on the last page. In General Kulwant Singh, a very able and distinguished field commander, who had exercised high command in Kashmir inheaded a committee to study the military threat to our Northern horders, and to assess the requirements in the event of a clash with China in the Himalayan region.


We did not initiate diplomatic measures to ensure that we were not isolated in a war with either Pakistan or China.

Himalayan Blunder: The Angry Truth About India’s Most Crushing Military Disaster

Medical facilities could not be provided as the troops were so widely dispersed and treatment was possible only if patients were evacuated by helicopters to base hospitals. In an allegedly inflamed himalayn opinion is credited with having forced the Government to take hasty, imprudent and disastrous measures. They used the existing political system and the immense authority of the Dalai Lama to implement the famous Seventeen-Point Agreement.

Krishna Menon’s communism and idiocy, Nehru’s lack of foresight and planning, went into the chinese stroll inside India. Not many of those who sacrificed their lives are remembered by the people today. The dressing down of “demi-gods” like Nehru and V.

Collision Course on the Roof of the World. Our people apparently fired himakayan too. It also became the corner-stone of our National Aims and National Policy.