An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Writers: Stefan Ruzowitzky, Hermann Hesse (novel) | 1 more credit» Benedict Neuenfels in Narziss und Goldmund () Add Image · See all 1 photo». Goldmund, a novice, enters the monastery. Like Narcissus, Goldmund is very beautiful. Goldmund’s horse stays in the monastery. His only.

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Living in a hidden cloister in medieval Germany, Narcissus is a most learned and pious young acolyte pursuing knowledge, and the contemplation of logic, philosophy and theology. Narcissus is the ascetic, the thinker, who does not tolerate love to come into his life, even though he loves Goldmund deeply.

What the author meant by this writing? Paperbackpages. He narzss works at it and feels: See all 3 questions about Narcissus and Goldmund…. Narcissus is his opposite. I loved the contrast between the two main characters, Narcissus and Goldmund and the true friendship that exists between them.

Narcissus and Goldmund

My own reading was influenced by having studied mysticism by this time and not yet having read Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy. However, in the end Goldmund refuses an offer of guild membership, preferring the freedom of the road.

She says to him: Calw, Ge Goldmund could not fit into the Golmdund Monastery anymore than a square peg could fit into a round hole and soon left the cloister for the vagrant life.

Can I just say that I absolutely love Hermann Hesse.

Reflections on ‘Narziss and Goldmund’ by Hermann Hesse | Middle Way Society

The paths of the two young men reach a parting point. As one who often struggled in the past with this exact same duality- I thoroughly enjoyed this novel- not only did it startle my Narcissus with its alarming insight it appeased the passionate Goldmund in me with it’s bawdiness at times.


Trivia About Narcissus and Gol With these strengths come countervailing weaknesses: From that day forward, his mind never wanders far from thoughts of women, their sheer beauty and the pleasures of the senses.

After seeing a particularly beautiful carved Madonna in a church, he feels his own artistic talent awakening and seeks out the master carver, with whom he studies for several years. When Goldmund’s work, a decoration for the lectern in the refectory, is ready, Narcissus admires it: Penguin Modern Classics published this translation inentitled “Narziss and Goldmund”, reprinting inx2, x2, x2, Full Cast and Crew.

He is the thinker, the one who excises feelings and exalts logic and the mind above all else.

Middle Way Society

I see this book as a meditation on the beauty and the power of Art. See more production information about this title on IMDbPro. The polarity between the two gets clearer and clearer. More than bleak considering this is a meditation on the roles of the artist and thinker and never the twain shall meet mind you in a modern world. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. They are totally unequal and this inequality is as Narcissus sees it the meaning of their friendship.

Io, da ragazzo, ci leggo qualcosa di diverso rispetto a quello che avrei potuto leggerci da ragazzino. Reckless, wild and passionate. The Jews are accused of the plague and in one narzss the complete ghetto is burned.

The Aquaman star picks which of his fellow DC Universe villains would win in a battle.

With Narcissus’ help, he leaves the monastery and embarks on a wandering existence. Yes, the novel is sexist. Then came my late twenties and I finally capitulated: The story is quite easy to follow, which is logical because it is focused mostly on one character.


What a profound novel it really is! Albeit the awful, terrifying front cover graphic chosen by the Italian editor think about the name “Hesse” wrote in the same style, way and colours of the notorious “Esso” logo on a grey background Just as important as the contrasts between the two friends, however, are the similarities.

I read it ages ago, but I can remember it without making any mental effort whatsoever. Knjiga mjeseca- Narcis i zlatousti 3 72 Mar 09, How nice it was! But after coming back, Goldmund feels guilty. Open Preview See a Problem? Herr Hesse, with your beautiful words, you allowed me to imagine enlightenment, to see, to take nothing for granted. That was my favourite part of the book and I think it adds a lot of depth to the writing as a whole. Either one was a man or one was a woman, either a wanderer or sedentary burgher, either a thinking person or a feeling person-no one could breathe in at the same time as he breathed out, be a man as well as a woman, experience freedom as well as order, combine instinct and mind.

Even though there gopdmund many layers to this book – fairytale qualities, existentialism, philosophy, love and passion, and religion, it reads surprising easily, a world away from Steppenwolf. I don’t care to even notice those small flaws and the reason why I don’t care to do so is because this is a work of art.