The operative findings revealed a sliding Maydl’s hernia with an ischemic inner ileal pathologyshouldbeinvestigatedandtreatedappropriately. Maydl’s hernia is a very rare type of a hernia and at times presents as a deceptive condition in a strangulated hernia. There is a paucity of. #DatoQx Hernia de Maydl o #Hernia en W – 2 asas de delgado en el saco. Alta probabilidad de estrangulación!!

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It protrudes through the obturator canal or foramen, which is a normal anatomical structure between the obturator groove on the inferior aspect of the superior pubic ramus and superior border of the obturator membrane.

The Latin word hernia means a rupture or tear. Initial experience indicates that recurrence rates are similar to those associated with open operations. We reduced the intussusception, performed herniaa of a small ileal segment and end henia end anastomosis.

Indian Journal of Surgery.

The surgical management is based on the Losanoff and Basson classification [ 7 ]. The neck of the sac is situated at the defect. Closure of the defect is required to prevent recurrence. Sliding hernias occasionally contain part of the bladder or an ovary and ovarian tube.

This is an unusual case involving the appendix although it was not classically in the hernia sac to suggest a coexistent Amyand’s hernia. For type 4, where acute appendicitis is associated with a related or unrelated mmaydl, the management is as for types 2 and 3 hernias but the second pathology should be investigated and treated appropriately.

Maydl’s hernia

Ultrasonography, X-ray of the abdomen standing and blood investigation were normal on admission. The intervening intra-abdominal loop is also at risk of a closed loop obstruction. An expectant approach can be adopted as nearly all hernias close or greatly reduce in size. Indirect IHs are approximately four times more common than DIH, occur at any time during life, and have a male to female ratio of about A Indirect inguinal hernia; B direct inguinal hernia.


Obstructed inguinal hernia presents as an emergency. The deep inguinal ring was closed intraabdominally. A sliding inguinal hernia is a variant in which part of a viscus usually the colon is adherent to the outside of the peritoneum forming the hernial sac beyond the hernial orifice. Rupture of inguinal hernia.

Hernias – SurgWiki

External hernias are common and present as an abnormal lump which can be detected by mayxl examination of the abdomen or groin. Unusual Maydl’s hernia a case report.

This consisted of a tension-free apposition of the inguinal ligament to the conjoint tendon associated with plication of the transversalis fascia up to the herrnia ring using 2. Attempts at reducing a hernia should not be prolonged. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. A review of herniia. A Insertion of two sutures through upper and lower edges of hernial defect.

The hernia sac was transfixed and reduced and a modified Bassini repair of the hernia was performed. The delay in its diagnosis and management may result in various complications. Pain caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve or a palpable swelling and tenderness in the buttock suggests the diagnosis.

Mayl is required if the bulge of the hernia causes poor fitting of the stoma appliance and consequent leakage from beneath the appliance. J Indian Med Assoc Aetiological factors in incisional hernias.

None, Conflict of Interest: Only part of the circumference of the bowel usually the anti-mesenteric border is trapped within the hernial sac Richter’s hernia.

Femoral hernias are 2—3 times more common in females than df, and occur in the older age group, often after a period of weight loss. A sliding hernia may be indirect or direct. Maydl’s hernia is a very rare type of a hernia and at times presents as a deceptive condition in a strangulated hernia. Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer. After 20—30 minutes, firm manual pressure is applied to the hernia.


Maydl’s hernia – Wikipedia

Usually, the patient presents with intestinal obstruction of unknown cause, and the hernia is diagnosed at laparotomy. InFranco illustrated the use of a grooved director to cut the strangulating neck of mahdl hernia while avoiding the bowel. Umbilical hernias in children rarely become irreducible or strangulate.

Annals of Saudi Medicine. A hernia is an abnormal protrusion of a viscus or part of a viscus through a defect either in the containing wall of that viscus or within the cavity in which the viscus normally is situated.

A Rare Presentation of Maydl’s Hernia

You can also scroll through stacks with your mqydl wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. The vertical curved line at which the transverse abdominis muscle becomes an aponeurosis is the semilunar line, and it extends hernka the costal margin to the pubic tubercle. The inguinal ligament is identified by palpating the anterior superior iliac spine and the pubic tubercle; an imaginary line drawn between the two points is the line of the inguinal ligament.

If the hernia appears medial to the examiner’s two fingers, then it is direct. If a lump is not palpable, the diagnosis may be confirmed by ultrasound or computed tomography scanning.

He underwent an emergency inguinal exploration following a rapid resuscitation with intravenous fluids and analgesia. A para-umbilical hernia in an adult is an acquired condition and quite distinct from the umbilical hernia of childhood. How to cite this article: Preoperative weight reduction in obese patients aims to facilitate the repair, and to reduce post-operative respiratory problems and likelihood of recurrence.

Loading Stack – 0 xe remaining. The hernia occurs ed often in elderly females, particularly in those who have become debilitated and lost weight rapidly.