Posts about henry wittenberg written by Tyrone Turner. According to Dictionary. com, Isometrics is an exercise or a program of exercises to. Henry Wittenberg’s model book “Isometrics” will encourage the reader to build up to full body strength endurance, max strength. I was reading through Isometrics by Henry Wittenberg online today. H. Wittenberg was an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling in and later.

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They are effective for sculpting and strengthening the body, and they pose very little health threat to the body. Isometrics – Henry Wittenberg. As with so much else in life, the things that are good for us very often contain a corollary if they are not practised appropriately, as recommended, or to excess. Find More Posts by isorez. On the other hand, the Internet has also provided the following positive example although it does conclude with a mild injunction from a female “trainer”: Since that time research has determinted that holding your breath is dangerous and not desirable.

We rest our case!

However, they are NOT easy to do. We suspect that this may be due, at least in part, to awareness of problems that might arise when isometric exercise is practised by people for whom it might be medically inappropriate, or where alternative – specifically isotonic – regimens were being recommended by the medical and alternative medicine professions. For this reason, isometric exercises are considered low-impact.

When it did, a perfectly fine and valuable wittenverg of exercise, namely isometrics, became tarred with the steroid brush.

Most gym exercises are isotonic. A good example is to have a seat in a chair, extend your legs one at a time and hold the position for seconds. While this type of exercise will not increase muscle mass as quickly as weight-bearing exercises, it will serve to prevent muscle and bone isoetrics and increase strength. Both forms of muscle contraction have their benefits.


Feel your stomach muscles tighten. When anyone asked Hoffman what the change was, he attributed to a new system of “Functional Isometrics” training.

The most simple of all isometric exercises is probably the one illustrated above: Send a private message isojetrics Andy Anyone else read this book?

Find More Posts by stingray. Another advantage of isometric exercises is that they can be done without the use of expensive equipment. I was doing a search today But it is supported wittenbert the following internet quote.

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henry wittenberg

In supermarkets and news stands you could find all variety of isometrics. And where to they stand relative to isotonics? The results and effects are more speedily and readily noticeable than those of isometric training. That was the thinking about isometrics when that course was written.

henry wittenberg | The Minimalist Martialist Method

What he learned was the Wittemberg were doing two things differently. During the ‘s the Soviet Unions weight lifting team started to beat the American team with startling regularity. This is just conjecture! How Effective is Isometrics?

In an isometric exercise the muscle stays the same length regardless of the amount of force being used, as, for example, when trying to lift something that is too heavy to move, or when as in the picture below the muscle is trying to contract but is being prevented from doing so by an equalizing pressure from another muscle. One important difference that I noted was that Wittenberg has the exerciser breathing in at the beginning of the contraction and then not exhaling until 10 seconds of exertion are complete.

Let’s go through it again, because it really is not simply a matter of “whether – or”, nor is it simply a question of “which is better?


Send a private message to isorez. He was a self made man founder of the York Barbell company and extremely patriotic. Unlike aerobic exercise, which can cause joint damage through repetitive high-impact motion, isometric exercises allow the joint to remain static during the contraction of the muscle. When any bodybuilder was asked how he achieved his spectacular gains, he would follow the example set by Bob Hoffman. I think the book was written in the late 50’s or early 60’s.

One, they were training in a German technique called “Functional Isometrics”. Engaging in a dynamic sport or workout on a regular basis will increase your endurance, and your doctor may recommend it as a safe alternative if you have high blood pressure or heart problems.

And as we said above, a potential hazard is provided by anything practised to excess. I’m using a new system of isometric training now! At my age Henry Wittenberg was one of my early heros.

I tried his method and find it hard to blow out air through my teeth. As such, I try to choose exercises that are fun, safe and easy to perform. The coach of the American team was a man by the name of Bob Hoffman. Or are they more suitable for building strength? A good illustration of this principle would be the expression “pulling oneself up by isometric bootstraps”. Wittenberg pased away almost one year ago. Both forms of exercise or – more precisely – contractions have benefits; both have potential hazards.

At any rate before long the American team started beating the Soviets.

He knew the Soviets were up to something, but what?