In offering the two Latin words mundus imaginalis as the title of this discussion, I intend to treat a precise order of reality. It is perhaps worth making this essay available here in spite of the fact that it can also be found online here in a different translation. This pdf. Henry Corbin’s Mundus Imaginalis, Sufism, neurological damage, psychic opening, and imagination gone awry. by Barbara Croner & Sheila.

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There is a city at the edge of the sea; seven walls with high towers protect the precincts this is the preeminent symbolic plan. Hardcover1st edition22 pages. In order that Moses may perceive the Burning Bush and hear the Voice calling him… an organ of trans-sensory perception is needed. Suny Press,pp. Stein introduced us to the work of Henry Corbin —who was a professor of Islamic Studies at the Sorbonne, a Christian theologian, cogbin an expert on 12th and 13th c.

But it is no longer at all certain that we are still on it when our traveler reaches the peninsula of the Shi’ites, a peninsula surrounded by four walls with high massive mundue the outside wall borders corbinn coast of the sea.

Yet, having reached the interior, one finds oneself paradoxically on the outsideor, in the language of our authors, “on the convex surface” of the ninth Sphere, in other words “beyond Mount Qaf ‘. Or, rather, it is itself the ” where ” of all things; it is, therefore, not itself in a place, it does not fall under the question ” where?

As Tom Cheetham puts it, The connection with the Angel, the archetype in Heaven…guarantees that every being can be crobin itself, more real, more alive, to the degree that it is in contact with this celestial Presence.

Mundus imaginalis In his essay, mundus imaginalis, or the imaginal and munddus imaginary, Corbin gives a detailed exposition of this interworld as a place of visionary revelation and events that are experienced as more vividly real than everyday reality.

Seth, the famous being channeled by medium Jane Roberts said something strikingly similar: Pow marked it as to-read Dec 14, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Princeton University Press, In his Histoire henrry la philosophie islamiquehe disproved the common view that philosophy among the Muslims came to an end after Ibn Rushd, demonstrating rather that a lively philosophical activity persisted in the eastern Muslim world — especially Iran — and continues to our imagnialis day.


Books by Henry Corbin.

It becomes obvious that, once this border has been crossed, the question “where” ubi, koja becomes meaningless at least in terms of the meaning it has 2 cf. Enoch, Elijah, and Christ himself, according to the teaching of the Qur’an. Jung Institute, San Francisco. Whoever manages to gain admittance to them enters into joy forever.

The mountain of Qaf is the cosmic mountain constituted from summit to summit, valley to valley, by the celestial Spheres that are enclosed one inside the other. Christian philosophy Scholasticism Thomism Renaissance humanism.

Corbin was an important source for the archetypal psychology of James Hillman and others who have developed the psychology of Carl Jung. He learns that food comes to them from “the Green Island situated in the White Sea,” which is one of the islands belonging to the sons of the Hidden Imam.

For a more complete study of the topics dealt with here, cf. His occultation occurred at two different times: But the “traveler” is not conscious of the precise moment; he does not realize it, with disquiet or wonder, until later. However, when the term refers to Platonic Ideas, it is almost always accompanied by this precise qualification: We must be careful not to confuse it with the imagination identified by so-called modern man with “fantasy”, and which, according to him, is nothing but an outpour of “imaginings”.

Mundus Imaginalis, or The imaginary and the Imaginal

That is why we positively cannot qualify it as imaginaryin the current sense in which the word is taken to mean unreal, nonexistent. There are luxuriant vegetation and abundant streams. What, then, is the road that leads out of it? On the way back, a day’s journey from Mecca more than two thousand kilometers from Hamadanhaving imprudently gone astray during the night, he loses his companions.

There, for the first time, he hears, during the muezzin’s call to prayer, resounding from the minaret of the mosque, the Shl’ite invocation asking that “Joy should hasten,” that is, the joy of the future Appearance of the Imam, who is now hidden. Yet strange as it may seem, once the journey is completed, the reality which has hitherto been an inner and hidden one turns out to envelop, surround, or contain that which at first was outer and visible.


Let us look at the very beautiful narratives, which are both visionary tales and tales of spiritual initiation, written in Persian by Sohrawardi, the young sheikh who was “the resurrector of ancient Persian theosophy” in the Islamic Iran of the twelfth century. Sutterfield marked it as to-read Sep 13, Rafik rated it it was amazing Jun 27, One who is not in the same spiritual state cannot see him.

List of sufis Notable early Notable modern Singers. We have learned, among other things, that access to the little mystical temple was only permitted to a’ person who, by attainMg the spiritual degree at which the Imam has become his personal internal Guide, has attained a state “similar” to that of the actual descendant of the Imam.

It is impossible to describe here, even in broad terms, what constitutes the essence of Shi’ite Islam in relation to what is appropriately called Sunni orthodoxy. To begin, we should briefly consider the kind of knowledge that characterises the Platonic path of gnosis.

Phenomenology Islamic philosophy Philosophy of religion Ontology Hermeneutics.

Mundus Imaginalis, or The imaginary and the Imaginal by Henry Corbin

Our pilgrim will learn that twice in his life he was in the Imams presence: But in order to complete our discussion, I imaginaois limit myself to describing several features typical of accounts taken from Shi’ite literature, because the world into which it will allow us to penetrate seems, at first sight, still to be our world, while in fact the events take place in the eighth climate-not in the imaginary, but in the imaginal world, that is, the imaglnalis whose coordinates cannot be plotted on our maps, and where the Twelfth Imam, the “Hidden Imam,” lives a mysterious life surrounded by his companions, who are veiled under the same incognito as the Imam.

All these powers are gathered and concentrated in a single faculty, which is the active Imagination. Com rated it it was amazing Aug imavinalis,