Heian Yondan (平安四段, Heian Yondan, “paz y tranquilidad, nivel 4”) es el cuarto kata de la serie de katas Heian del estilo Shotokan de karate. Fue creada por. Heian Yondan. Preparation. The kata proper starts in yoi (`ready’ or `attention’) stance. Back stance simultaneously bringing your arms up to perform an upper.

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Arms form a rectangle with 90 degrees angles Turn right degrees pivoting on both feet to right back stance, right upper level inside knife-hand block. As the start and finish point are the same, care must be taken to ensure the stances and turns are performed precisely to allow this to happen.

It is important that Karateta understand the distinction between the two in order to perform this kata well.

It contains five kicks which are two side snap kicks yoko geri keage and three front kicks mae geri. Simultaneously execute a upper level horizontal left back-fist strike with a left leg side snap kick Turn left 90 degrees, pivoting on the right heiah, step forward left front stance, right front elbow strike into left palm Turn right 90 degrees, pivoting on left foot, bring right foot to left knee, bring left fist back into draw-hand by hip, bring right fist to rest hrian top of left fist.


The 20 Precepts of Master Funakoshi. Heian Yondan has 27 movements. Simultaneous right upper level knife-hand rising block. Ready position Turn left 90 degrees, and step forward left back stance, left upper level inside yondaan block.

After the first side kick at movement number 6, it is the left leg that is pulled back to perform a half stance. The kick is then repeated for movement 7 as a mirror image with the right foot and a back fist strike uraken uchi performed simultaneously.


Arms form a rectangle with 90 degrees angles Turn left 90 degrees, pivoting on the right foot, step forward left front stance, downward x-block Step forward right back stance, right middle augmented block Bring left foot to right knee, bring right fist back into draw-hand by hip, bring left fist to rest on top of right fist.

History of Shotokan Karate. Duration – This kata should take approximately 50 seconds when performed. Shotokan Karate Coalition NZ. SKC Gashuku – April Wiki — Best Shotokan Books. The enbusen for Heian Yondan looks like this: Simultaneous left upper level knife-hand rising block. This is performed in a back stance kokutsu dachi.


In the opening moves, there are blocking techniques that have no counter attack. This is a movement demonstrated to escape from a double throat grab.

Movements – There are 27 movements in Heian Yondan, making it the longest Heian kata. This is arguably the most ykndan demanding of the Heian kata.

Shotokan Kata 4 – Heian Yondan – Black Belt Wiki

The kata also changes between fast explosive techniques to slow and powerful techniques. At movement number 22, the opponents head is grasped and pulled down towards the raised knee. The movement at points 12 and 16 is a reverse wedge block kakiwake uke.