Got a Hegemonia: Legions of Iron walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected] FAQs/ Guides. Haegemonia Walkthrough 3: Mankind Campaign. Download the complete guide of Haegemonia Legions of Iron by Wanadoo Edition and Dreamcatcher games. Haegemonia Walkthrough 1: Earth Campaign. Earth Episode 1. Earth 1 Mission 1: The Flight of Icarus. Main Objective: Protect The Icarus. Select the player’s.

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Select the player’s unit “Faithful” and right click on “Icarus” to guard it. Then, “Icarus” will travel slowly towards the sun followed by “Faithful”.

When prompted with “Faithful” still selectedright click the enemy squad Marauder to attack it. Then, right click on “Icarus” to guard it again.

When prompted, right click the comet to attack it. Once the comet is destroyed, Mission 1 is over. Use the 2 fighter squads to guard the mining base.

Display the Starmap, then select the mining base and right-click on the asteroid near Saturn. The mining base will start travelling and will deploy on the asteroid. When the mining base reachs the asteroid field, two enemy fighter squads will attack you. When prompted, attack the two “Rogue Traders”.

Once each trader has surrendered press “S” to stop attacking them they should not be destroyed. Optionally, when prompted, quickly reach the abandoned pirate squad and get close to it to reclaim it.

Once the mining base is deployed, there will be a cut scene and two corvettes squads will fly toward it. Destroy the martian corvettes to complete the mission.

Capture an abandonned fighter squad. Deploy and defend a mining base near Pluto and eliminate a military and mining base near Neptune.

In this mission the player is in control of a planet. Firstly, deploy the mining base on a nearby asteroid which is “abundant” or “ultra rich” to maximize the income. Two fighter squads controlled by earthlings will defend you mining base as best as they can. On the planet iroon screen, produce more fighters to increase your fleet. After or while legoons are building your fleet there will be two random attacks from martian forces. Once the martians squads are beaten, the player will be prompted to make a move on the martian military base located near Neptune.


Hegemonia: Legions of Iron FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC – GameFAQs

It is not visible on the Starmap, but the base is near Neptune, below the asteroids to the left. Once the squads are close enough to the martian military base a cut scene will run. After this, the military base should be attacked with all units.

Once this has been done, all units should destroy the mining base, ending the mission. Research corvette and all proton weapons, destroy 2 mining bases in asteroid belt. In this mission the player is in control of the planet “Io”.

Firstly he should deploy the mining base given at the beginning of the mission on a nearby asteroid. The planet controlled by the player should repair any hrgemonia that are missing units, however it should not build anymore. Instead produce the continuous military training or taxation project to maximise cash or experience. The player should press “F5” to reach the research screen and begin researching “Corvette Hull”.

Once “Corvette Hull” has been researched, the planet should produce as many corvettes as possible. Note that a planet should never be in a state where it is not producing anything; if there is nothing useful to produce, simply run a continuous project. The player should research the 3 initial proton weapon technologies, as that is enough to complete the objectives. From that point, the player can research whatever he thinks productive.

By this point the player should have received a message to save the major from the military base. To save him, simply send a fighter squad into the middle of the asteroid fields, where the martian lron base is hidden. A cut scene will run and the best thing to do is to return the squad you sent to Io to repair it.


The destruction of the two martian mining bases will end the mission.

Haegemonia Walkthrough 3 : Mankind Campaign

When selecting the ships to carry over to the next mission, be sure to pick the most advanced, experienced squads, with the most ships still remaining. Destroy the 2 military bases around Mars The player begins the mission with only the squads of ships saved from the previous mission.

Use them to follow the earthlings ships led by Roberta McCain and a plot leggions will play out between Jack Garner and Nilea Cortilliari.

During this attack, a Cruiser prototype will appear. It is impossible to save this ship, but be sure to destroy it too. Then, with the ships remaining, hegemojia to Mars. A cutscene will run in which one of the military base protecting Mars will be destroyed.

Your orders are to destroy the other martian military base. Once the second military base is destroyed, mission 5 is over. Locate and try to steal the cruiser prototype. Win the battle against the martian fleet near Mars. The Flight of Icarus Main Objective: Earth 1 Mission 2: Mopping Up Main Objective: Escort and deploy the mining base to Rhea. Earth 1 Mission 3: Land Of Charon Main Objective: Earth 1 Mission 4: Research corvette and all proton weapons, destroy 2 mining bases in asteroid belt In this mission the player is in control of the planet “Io”.

Destroy the mining bases. Earth 1 Mission 5: The Final Main Objective: