The DIY flat pack kit will make a medium format pinhole camera that works by itself without any additional lens. All the components will be. You can now build you own version of the cardboard Hasselblad pinhole camera that we featured a couple days ago. Kelly Angood has. Check out this Hasselblad pinhole camera from Kelly Angood. It accepts film and looks looks a little less conspicuous than an oatmeal.

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LomoAmigo Mirella Cardoso talked to us about how she found herself in her own photographs when she started taking self-portraits.

Allowing you to produce unique, creative long exposures, this Standard Pinhole from Rising is compatible with Hasselblad V mount cameras. I second Steve’s suggestion of http: Hasseoblad, I liked the link where he measures the hole size with the enlarger. Next I made one with a. Oct 31, Messages: Thanks to all your likes! Earl Jones [earlj] at f Ever wanted to create your very own DIY camera wrist strap?

Rising Standard Pinhole for Hasselblad V Mount RPSH B&H Photo

Aug 24, 2. Sep 28, 1. To make things even sweeter, a printable pdf file of the layout of the camera is provided for download. Photos OK to edit. I only had money to buy the body, and can’t wait to shoot, so this is what I did. Oct 29, The shoutbox is always brimming with entertaining conversation and it’s all because of these Lomographers.


Do you have a favourite Lomography or analogue camera that changed the way you take photos? If you have wanted to create your own pinhole camera but have no idea how to get started, read on.

I will search in my archives I made the hole first with a needle after that finished the hole with a. As you can see, its easy an comfortable to work this way.

Sep 20, Messages: They were enlarged with an Opemus and Rodagon lens. Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams. Lomography Online Shop Gift Certificates are the perfect present for every analogue devotee on your gift list.

Sep 28, 2. The pinhole to film distance was about 90 mm. Aside from browsing through beautiful photographs and reading interesting articles, hanging out in the shoutbox is another worthwhile activity hasseblad do in the community.

Easy to use and fun to photograph with, provides excellent results.

If you have a Photrio account, please log in and select ‘stay logged in’ to prevent recurrence of this notice. Want to own the last Leica M3 camera ever produced? This article gives you some tips on getting it right the first time.


Two pictures to show, made with my pinhole. Have you been dreaming of the beach lately? Read our conversation with Julia here and learn how to create your own gorgeous color-drenched snaps.

You’ll get to work with other budding photographers in revealing something totally unique and one-off. Jul 23, Messages: We want to hear from you about your journey in analogue.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Robert from Pinhole camera fun Turns my Hasselblad camera into a pinhole camera. Aug 24, 4.

Hasselblad/Kiev back pinhole camera

Please login to leave a comment. USA Can others edit my Photos: Aug 24, 1. Aug 25, 7. Please check your local sales hsaselblad laws. The thinner stuff is a bit harder to keep flat and not damage it, but since the ideal pinhole has a knife edge, the thin stock gets closer to the ideal automatically. Why don’t you try to visit Malaysia’s best photography spots and have a unique analog adventure to start off your !

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