Hanwha XD20H For Sale Used Automatic Screw Machines & Lathes, Swiss Type , CNC Orca Machine Tools Inc. Tel. Read the latest news from our company: IEMCA Smart IV with HANWHA XD20H and XD20J | NEWS | (GB / EN). Consult HANWHA MACHINERY’s entire CNC AUTOMATIC LATHE XD SERIES HANWHA FANUC i/Siemens D/Mitsubishi M(XD20H Only) HANWHA.

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Hanwha Swiss Turn

None of us know everything, its always a learning experience each day, but we can certainly help out! Just as yourself, “how did they make this part before high pressure”? I’m xd200h with them for now.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I Never programmed or ran a Swiss before-just three axis mills and two axis lathes. Yamazen to Showcase Variety of Machine Tools. Modular Manufacturing Systems and Xv20h Hobbing.


Two Quick Changeover Workholding Systems. Tool Cutter Grinder hajwha Gear Grinders. Rigged up the HP coolant lines brake tubing to fwd and back turning tools and viola- no strings and decent finish.

IEMCA Smart 320 IV with HANWHA XD20H and XD20J

New Automatic Lathe for Productivity. New Gear Shaping Machine. Sump Sharks Clean Dirty Sumps. Midwest Regional Showroom Debuts.

Hanwha XD20H cnc lathe – Exapro

UltraGrip Precision Milling Chuck. The machine has 7 different M codes to select HP coolant for different tool positions. New Minimum Quantity Lubrication System. Rant off Maz Similar Threads: We still don’t have a finished part and after a long 13 hr day, the trainer is off to another gig.

Originally Posted by CitizenBrian. New Mill-Turn Multitasking Machines. I’ve found it to be extremely hard to get a perfectly burr free part out ofeven if you’re chamfering edges youll often kick a burr one way or another. Installation issues, training issues, tight time constraints, and to add insult to injury, hanhwa first job you have to run in the machine is SS.


Finally got a new program in and the trainer did what he could with it. Don’t know about tool life yet but changing inserts is sure gonna suck.

Multidec Lube Coolant Clamp.

Remember the basics about your guide bushing land so you don’t retract too far, make sure its snug enough that you can hold your roundness to at xr20h a half thou. Workspace and Storage Solutions.

Dynamic Precision and Dynamic Efficiency Controls. High pressure yanwha a tool, its not a necessity, though in this day and age a lot of tooling and certain things like super deep drilling do rely on it. Reduced Maintenance Chip Conveyor. You can always use that to your advantage. Combined Automatic Sawing and End Machining. New Large Multitasking Turning Centers.