He recently gained a promotion at a Big Four firm in India to senior consultant and boasts something few applicants have: An award from the. Get Sandy Kriesberg’s advice to make handicapping your odds of to gain an MBA experience at one of the very best business schools in the. HBSGuru Sandy Kreisberg assesses the chances of an MBA applicants who works for Deloitte Consulting & wants to go to Harvard, Wharton.

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And she wants an MBA degree to move into a strategic leadership role in the high tech space.

Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds

Can I get into Harvard Business School? She sings in a highly respect choir, is active in a local taekwondo club and also tutors underprivileged. That begins odde smell like business school. Call him an underprivileged Brazilian male candidate. Your GPA is an okay score as things go. Anderson Dec 30, Read Article. With a GMAT but a 3. From the Archives View More.

I hanidcapping of the belief that if you are a white male and in banking, finance, private equity, venture capital or hedge funds, you really should apply to Harvard Business School in round one. Like every school they will love your story. To pivot to product marketing management at a FAANG-level firm, continuing my woman-in-tech representation work, hopefully with company support. With a GMAT and a 3. Gandicapping in to stop seeing this registration popup.


Your GRE score is problematic. You got a 4. Wharton would go for the handicap;ing, especially if you work for PayPal. A Hedge Fund Analyst. For the past six years, this year-old young professional has worked as a key staffer for a U.

Byrne on October 29, 23 Comments 7, Views. After getting a on practice GMAT tests, this year-old professional is aiming high. Log in to stop seeing this registration popup. To use the MBA degree to transition out of lconsulting and join a tech or consumer products firm.

To lead the way for gender parity nba industry. Registration provides access to exclusive content and features. And if you just have a short question, he is happy to answer that, too.

I think you should get into Harvard, but a serious question for you is why do you need an MBA when you already have what many would pdds a post-MBA job? The extras are overrated in many cases. Or will they get dinged by their dream schools? Indian Dec 30, Read Article.

That is a question you might face in an admissions interview. You might be a stronger candidate next year because you started out as a software engineer and you now identify in tech product management. John Dec 31, Read Article. Not sure I fully understand your technical role, but neither will hancicapping adcoms, and you can explain it more in other parts of the application. John Dec 31, Read Article.


Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds: Ms. Agri-Chemical Compliance

Wharton would love you and so would your other target schools. Trouble For Big Tech? Log in to stop seeing this registration popup. With a computer science degree from Northwestern, she also has felt strongly about promoting the idea of women in tech fields. His goal is to earn a to—flight MBA, return to Bain in a managerial role, and eventually launch a beverage brand that makes nutritious drinks for rural Indians. He comes from a small, isolated town in Brazil where he attended only public schools.

People instinctively know what a good GMAT score is. John Dec 31, Read Article.

Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds: Mr. Indian Tech Product Manager

An award from the White House signed by the President. Execute well on the application well.

From the Archives View More. Tell your recommenders that you would be very happy to give them a very comprehensive outline to work from.