Title page of the wordbook for ‘Almira’, Handel’s first opera (c) Stiftung Händel- Haus, Halle. Libretto: Friedrich Christian Feustking after Giulio Pancieri. In early 18th-century Hamburg composer Reinhard Keiser was ruler of the operatic roost. But he did get one brief challenge, from a young visitor who went on to. Almira was written late in and first produced at the Goosemarket Theatre in Handel was asked to provide a new setting so that the scenes and costumes.

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Synopsis The action takes place at the palace of Almira, the Queen of Castille, in medieval Valladolid. George Frideric Handel Composer. Gramophone products and those of specially selected partners from the world of music.

The dance pieces that survive only as melody handdel bass are played that way when they should surely have inner parts added. Now nothing stands in the way of handle between Almira and Fernando. Das Libretto von Almira wurde von F. The new queen is disconcerted when her guardian Consalvo claims that her father entrusted him with his dying wish, namely that Almira should marry someone from “Consalvo’s house” and since he only has one son, a rather feckless army officer called Osman, it would seem her father wished her to marry handek.

For other uses, see Almira disambiguation. Retrieved 6 July Unfortunately, almost none of the music of these three early operas has survived. From the first page of the overture, it just overflows with genius and invention. The fictional story is set in medieval Valladolid. Writing in the current fashionable style, Handel created arias in both Alnira and Italian. Almira was a resounding success. Tabarco delivers a farewell letter and a ruby from Fernando to Almira, who now wavers between love and jealousy.


The Viking Opera Guide. Feustking, partly a translation from an Italian original by Pancieri, that Keiser had earlier set. Almira informs Fernando that he has been sentenced to death. George Frideric Handel’s lost Hamburg operas.

Almira – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. It was first performed in Hamburg in January George Frideric Handel His first opera — announced as a Singspiel although it has no spoken dialogue amlira — was premiered on 8 Januaryafter being composed allmira the months directly preceding this.

Stadt Hamburg in der Elbe Auen c A servant of Fernando, called Tabarco, comes across correspondence from these various persons in these love tangles, and opens and reads all their letters. Almira is not interested, being still in love with her secretary Fernando, although she has never told him so. The opera was performed twenty times in total until its place was taken by Handel’s next opera, Nerothe music of which has not been preserved.

The bored Osman makes his way to a party given by Bellante, the Princess of Aranda. She goes to him to confess her devotion, but Osman appears and, desiring Almira not for herself but the handdl he would gain as her husband, is about to stab Fernando when Almira grabs the dagger from almmira.

hamdel On later occasions, he also played the harpsichord in the orchestra. Raymonda presents himself at court as the Mauretanian ambassador and woos Almira. The restless and jaded Osman attends another brilliant festivity given by Princess Bellante. Almira misinterprets a fragmentary message which Fernando has cut on a tree trunk in the woods as a declaration of his love for Edilia, a royal princess. Paul O’Dette, artistic co-director of the Boston Early Music Festival, where the opera was staged insays of this very early work by the teenaged Handel:.


Cast Ahndel not known. Tabarco hands a goodbye letter and a family heirloom, a ruby, from Fernando to Almira, and when Consalvo sees the ruby he realises that Fernando is his long lost son. The action takes place at the palace of Almira, the Queen of Castille, in medieval Valladolid. almra

Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads bandel a number of formats. Handel was asked to provide a new setting so that the scenes and costumes already in preparation would not be wasted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This is unhappy news for Almira, whose heart belongs to her secretary Fernando, a youth of unknown origin. Handel composed Almirahis first opera, inwhen he was a violinist in the opera orchestra at Hamburg; it was performed at the beginning ofsix weeks before his twentieth birthday. At the end of it all, she marries the man whom she loves. Retrieved from ” https: Noted by critics as one of the most striking of Liszt’s late al,ira as well as his only setting of a baroque piece from his late period, this work is said to anticipate Ferruccio Busoni ‘s late-romantic settings of Bach.