The Truvativ HammerSchmidt All Mountain Crankset could revolutionize bicycle drivetrains from this point forward by eliminating that last bastion of low-tech: the . Truvativ HammerSchmidt AM Chainset – Lowest Prices and FREE shipping available from The World’s largest online bike store – Chain Reaction Cycles. Finally after months of teasing, Truvativ releases the true identity of HammerSchmidt. We can put an end to all the rumors and speculations that.

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I would buy it, same as I would buy a gear driven wheel setup.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Truvativ HammerSchmidt Part 2.

Hammerschmidt: Cycling | eBay

This can be considered evolution to the DH racing scene adding occational pedalling sections within a course. Accept Reject Read More. You get crisp, fast shifts between the two ratios whether you are moving or not.

There are missing parts to mak Osten Aug 14, at Used to rebuild truvativ hammer Schmidt drive trains. Just riding along, the HammerSchmidt performs exactly as described. Login with Facebook Login with Google Or.


CrayC Aug 17, at 0: Weight is a question when you are replacing aluminum sprockets with gears and bearings. I like the idea and the execution seems about right.

Hot Product of the Year: Gout-Scout Aug 14, at One thing id say is the iscg mounts on my bike a u.

What you need is a boomerang that is mirrored. I have the AM version and I love it, never serviced it and never had any problems with it either,yook hammerwchmidt like 3 rides to get used to the reverse actuation and did find myself at the wrong lever at times but now cannot fault it,wouldn’t use it for racing but for any rider who wants to ride all day without the problems of bent chainrings Want to see extreme bike control?!

Truvatvi for sale is a set of hard to find 2 speed Truvative HammerSchmidt cranks in excellent condition.


It does have wear from normal use, see photos. Talkng of botom brackets, i noticed the drive side has small bearings, and loads of people have had problems with isis size bearings! Box Two Speed Drivetrain. I hope that helps a bit.

Plus, this is the first version of it. Because that would eliminate the fixie portion and just make it a cheater speed bike These efforts aren’t cheap to try. Should be able to because the chain length won’t change but you will end up with two gears pretty far apart and nothing in between, far simpler and cheaper just to run regular singlespeed for all the difference it will actually make in riding.


Arioth Aug 14, at 2: Elevated pivot points give you that rearward travel that flows so well over the sharp hits but do not work well in the small ring. VPP, parallel link, single pivots, all are designed to work best with a certain size chainring, typically around a 36 tooth. I hope its sealed well enough to make it durable and reliable.

Review: Truvativ HammerSchmidt AM Crankset and Transmission

The ability to shift in any situation is pretty cool though. Hayes Dominion A4 Brakes. A close look at the built-in chain guide and bash plates. Howerver we’ll have to consider doing this.