Hallicrafters SX Serial Number H Here is the SX, as received. Chuck McGregor drew the following schematic, showing where the cut was, and . View and Download Hallicrafters SXA technical manual online. SXA Radio pdf manual download. View and Download Hallicrafters SX service instructions manual online. The Model SX Super Skyrider Receiver. SX Receiver pdf manual.

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Don’t be too aggressive, the cover will come off with gentle taps. The SPX will depend on condition, whether it is civilian or military and the paint type used on the front panel.

The front panels were never jet black with white nomenclature. From its introduction in early until the front panel designation change in Septemberall SXA receivers are identified as “SX” – at least according to the front panel.

Today, hundreds and hundreds of SX receivers have been restored and are in use in Vintage Ham Shacks around the country still providing great performance with incredible, bass-rich audio. Throughout production, Hallicrafters was cutting costs normal business procedure by using less expensive parts and construction. Another very important document is the final inspection tag that came with each Hallicrafters receiver. Remember that when the Hallicrafters’ engineers designed the SX it was as a communications receiver first and to have great audio fidelity second.

Rs were painted a dark silver-gray, Hallicrafters called it “gunmetal,” and the decorative incised arch was filled with red paint. The typical HRO Sr. H owned by K7MCG. Who would have made the white non-OEM dials?


For best reliability, all paper-wax capacitors and all electrolytic capacitors should be replaced. H seen on eBay Latest SX serial number encountered: Any SX with serial number earlier than H, – verification as to when production began earliest reported sn H White Tuning and Band Spread Dials – I recently received an e-mail photo of a restored SX that had been fitted with modern reproduction “white dials. Often times it is adjacent frequency interference.


As more serial numbers are collected the picture of how Hallicrafters handled their production schedules might become clearer.

The Hammarlund Super-Pro was never very popular in ham shacks due to its high selling price but today its great audio and continuously variable IF bandwidth make hallicrafhers ideal for vintage AM operation. The photosensitive color change is actually into the plastic and it is impossible to return the dial to its original color.

Hallicrafters SX-28-A Technical Manual

New manual – still dated but has recent changes added to circuit description, schematic and alignment procedure In most cases these are easy to repair. Of course, it isn’t enjoyable, “arm-chair” copy mannual it is a successful completion of the QSO or of the net operations, which is the goal. Any Hallicrafters inspection tag information – these are paper-wire tags that are attached by twisting the wire wrapper onto the power cord. John stated that the SX was “, Any other interesting variations seen on original SX or SXA receivers – hopefully will include serial number.

The Hammarlund Super-Pro was an expensive receiver designed for professional use and by the time the company introduced the Haallicrafters, in Hallicraftegsthe price had been reduced and several features enhanced or added.

Includes info on the Hammarlund Comet Pro. Probably to increase the gain slightly on Halliicrafters 1 and 2 to compensate for the single RF Amplifier on these bands. H seen on eBay. This part of the hallicraftefs is shown correctly in the standard SXA manual’s schematic. There are two common versions of the “White Dial” myth. High Fidelity audio – so does the Super-Pro along with more audio power 14 watts vs the SX’s 8 watts.

So, even though the SXA is considered an easier candidate for front-end rework, don’t be surprised if it takes just as long and is just as difficult as the SX front-end. The PM – a 10″ table speaker – was standard.

Unfortunately, deliberate on-frequency interference is another matter and no receiver, no matter how sophisticated the design, can cope with that type of intentional QRM. A stenciled form was applied to the condenser box with all of the treatment information including the year. Remember, these numbers are for all Hallicrafters’ products and while they can determine a probable date of manufacture for a particular receiver, it requires other data to determine what percentage of production the SX, or any other product, represented.


Fortunately, hams are always good at communications and by sharing this information we can preserve much of what has been lost to business expedience.

These prices normally include the power supply although it may not be the specific “matching” one, most power supply versions will work with just about any Super-Pro.

These plastic cleaners contain very little water and no ammonia. Leave the red markers alone. R17 1K and its connection to pins 4 and 5 of the manua first IF amplifier are missing. During the later part of the SX wartime production, some versions were built with heavy-duty parts and other changes that were certainly at the request of the Navy and the Signal Corps.

Check the Internet for current availability and sources. The coils are mounted to fiber boards that are screwed to brackets that are part of the coil chassis of each manal. No doubt, National figured that the hams would leave the coils set for bandspread. Of course, I advocate that, whenever possible, only cleaning hallicrafyers the original finishes should be performed. Nowadays, quite a few SXs are missing their original audio transformer and a universal replacement has been installed in its place.

No ” Super Skyrider ” or “hallicrafters” on front panel – a military ID plate is mounted on the panel instead. This website created and maintained by: