Hadees-e-qudsi (Signs of Allah): English translation of Urdu book, Khuda ki baatein. Khuda kī bāten English. Ahmad Said, · Save to Lists. حديثِ قدسی Hadith-E-Qudsi Of The Week 26 of 40 – Urdu · حديثِ قدسی Hadith-E- Qudsi Of The Week 27 of 40 – Urdu · حديثِ قدسی Hadith-E-Qudsi. Hadees e Qudsi – posted in Islam: Blogs RSS feed · Help · Community Forum Software by Licensed to: UrduPoint Network.

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Rather it is I whom you should more properly fear. And have they seen My Paradise?

40 Ahadees Qudsi, Hadith Kudsi, Allah’s sayings narrated in Hadeeth

However, not to accompany such belief with right action would be to mock the Almighty. Your Lord delights at a shepherd who, on the peak of a mountain crag, gives the call to prayer and prays. I am not in a position [to do that] – and he will mention his having requested something of his Lord about which he had no [proper] knowledge Quran Chapter 11 Versesand he will feel ashamed and will say: When they say that they would not be spared from being asked [again], they said: The present collection has been compiled from all the available books of hadith.

And He glorified and exalted be He said: The forum does not change anything from questions, comments and statements received from our readers for circulation in confidentiality. Mu’ meneen Brothers and Sisters.


This is for My servant, and My servant shall have what he has asked for. And he reviled Me and he had no right to do so. Man catches wife, her beau red handed, sets them ablaze. Then Gabriel calls out to the inhabitants of heaven: And they qudsk protection of You.

“O MY SERVANTS” – HADITH-E-QUDSI – (PART 1) – The Siasat Daily

I am not in a position [to do that] – and he will mention the talking of a life other that for a life Quran Chapter 28 Versesand he will fell ashamed in the sight of his Lord and will say: Year 2 1 1 1 2 Show more Look at it and at what I have prepared therein for its inhabitants. The following is a collection of 40 Hadith Qudsi. Then Allah mighty and sublime be He asks them – [though] He is most knowing about them: Allah glorified hadeee exalted be He said: Do you know what your Lord has said?

And they ask for Your forgiveness. It was related by Tirmidhi, who said that it was gadees good and sound Hadith also by Abu Urdy and an-Nasa’i. Finally, we see that the address is made to all of mankind, not just the believers.

yrdu Thus he who does an action for someone else’s sake as well as Mine will have that action renounced by Me to him whom he associated with Me.

And what do they ask of Me? As for brigandry, it will be but a short time before a caravan will [be able to] go out of Mecca without a guard. The fist of his actions for which a servant of Allah will be held accountable on the Day of Resurrection will quudsi his prayers.


I have forgiven My servant [his sins] and have admitted him to Paradise. A man from among those who were before you was called to account.

It is not so, but rather it is that when the believer is given news of Allah’s mercy, His approval and His Paradise, he likes to meet Allah and Allah likes to meet him; but when the unbeliever is given news of Allah’s punishment and His displeasure, he dislikes to meet Allah and Allah dislikes to meet him. O Lord and what thing is better than that?

Hadees Qudsi In Urdu

It was related by al-Bukhari also by Muslim. So it is clear that Allah swt has never, and qudei never, commit any form of wrong doing. They ask of You Your Paradise.

Fasting is like a shield, and he who fasts has two joys: When the servant says: Allah mighty and sublime be He said: O son of Adam, I fell ill and you visited Me not. And if he draws near to Me an arm’s length, I draw near to him a fathom’s length.

This Hadith also urru in Muslim in another version.